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Jerry tries to get Bill to step down in the best interest of the city. He tries to blame it on bureaucracy. Bill, though, thinks the City of Los Angeles deserves the best, and his fresh perspective fits the bill.

Before leaving the room, Bill promises to toss one guy out the window if he ever sees him on the tenth floor again. Brianna loves that and offers to help.

When Cade shows him what they're working on now, Bill wants to be a part of it. But Cade sends him home. They got this.

Bill feels like he's walled in and wasting his time. Paula tries to engage him in sex to take his mind off of it, but when he begins texting with Cade, she's out.

Bill heads over to join the surveillance. Cade isn't pleased to see him but accepts the yummy snacks. A guy named Bergen is out of prison, and that's not a good thing.

Those getting surveilled begin cutting the roof with saws. They're inside. Bill is antsy to get them, but Cade wants to wait until they can get them for something good.

A store security guard begins toward the building. Cade calls in his team. Gunshots! Security Guard down. Deputies in pursuit!

Bill is super excited to be a part of the action again, but the next morning, Brianna reads him the riot act.

She even calls him out on being a libra.

Teresa is serving breakfast for the kids. Camilla asked about her father. Cade promises to figure something out.

Roman Bergan is on his last strike, and since he knows Bill is coming for him, he's got nothing to lose. Meanwhile, the dude is visiting with his pregnant girlfriend.

Bill is moving his team to the tenth floor where he thinks the action should be officer focused and not suits centric.

A guy visits Paula in the hospital. He's been shot.

Bill holds a meeting with his deputies. He wants to be face to face with the boots on the ground. He's worn those boots, and he's still wearing them. Everyone is fired. He wants them to prove they're worth the job. And if they survive, they'll be fired again tomorrow. He has 104 days left, and he's gonna make them count.

Paula watches the news to discover her patient is one of the wanted guys.

While Bill's bonding with his deputies, he gets the call from Paula. They're on their way!

Joseph and Deputy Luna have words while they're in the car.

Jerry gets served with divorce papers.

Paula is worried that Bill is carrying everything on his shoulders, but he doesn't know any other way to be.

Roman's girlfriend is not going down for him. Meanwhile, Cade finds the name Diane Cartwright and wants to pay her a visit.

Brianna pushes Bill into a logistics meeting despite his protests and promises to pull him out if they get any word about Roman.

Bill can't concentrate, and he wants to close not one, but two freeways. A thirty-mile stretch of I-5 and the 101. He has no idea where Roman is going, but he intends to corral the man.

The highways are in utter chaos, and Bill is in the air searching for his suspect.

They find him on a motorcycle. How they know it's him is unclear, but Bill moves.

Jerry confronts Brianna. He says she's jeopardizing her future with the department based on Bill's short tenure as sheriff. She hardly seems moved.

Jerry calls in Deputy Minnick. He heard about her assisting Majors. Well done. She was at the top of Bradford's list, according to Jerry, but she wonders why she was passed over by the previous sheriff twice. He then promises that if she stays loyal to the department, he'll get her that promotion. Bribery.

Bill is finally interested in sexy time with Paula, but they're preparing for his party. He wonders if they can take ten minutes before rejoining the hootenanny.

They emerge ten minutes later.

Bill tells Cade he's not just a sheriff but always a deputy, too.

Brianna introduces everyone to Genevieve. She's a perfect match for Brianna. The smile on Brianna's face is radiant. All of the couples get along well.

Joseph is on the phone at a convenience store as he and Luna get party supplies. Joseph calls Bill to get his beer order, but he doesn't answer. Shots ring out. Luna's down.

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Deputy Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I'd sell my soul for the zen satisfaction of cuffin' a bad guy right now.


You know somethin'? You're right, Jerry. I've got a few ideas about what's best for the department, and that's why I'm not stepping down. Far from it. I've seen a lotta life from on top of a horse, and that's given me a new perspective. And a new perspective is exactly what this place needs. The people of Los Angeles deserve the best, so do me a favor. Worry more about them and less about me. I'll be seein' ya. Except you. If I see your face on the tenth floor again, I'll throw you out the window myself. Thanks for your time.