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The county office seems to be under attack!

Eight hours earlier, Bill was on horseback.

Teresa and Cade are so happy with their family, but their grandmother wants custody.

They wonder why Carmen is stepping in now when she was nowhere when they needed her the most.

Cade won't let it happen. Teresa says she cares about the welfare of the children first, but they've provided the kids with the first stable home in their lives.

She's a lawyer, present the best case you can, the social services woman tells Teresa.

Bill and his dad are out for lunch.

Bill finally admits out loud that he wants the job.

Charlie wonders if Joseph had a late night. She thinks he's hanging with the wrong crowd.

Someone runs a stop sign at high speed right in front of them. They pull him over.

Joseph wonders why the guy put the bag in the back seat. He says it's because he thought it would be safer. Safer than what?

He's carrying a fake ID. He busts free when held, but Joseph runs and tackles him.

Charlie finds a bag of drugs and cash.

Riley visits Bill to tell him there's no more space for men like him.

She thinks the people want an advocate and a winner, not a gunslinger.

It is her time, she says. And she's opening an investigation into his office's handling of the Johnson case.

Bill bids her an unkind adieu.

The nurses gather together to thank Paula for saving their jobs. She wants them to show the administration how valuable they are so they never have to do it again.

The criminal is a real cocky SOB.

Bill visits the office, saying he misses it. Old furniture and paperwork. He's there to tell Joseph that Johnson is getting a deal. Bill prepares Joseph for what's to come.

Emotion is his enemy. It gives her leverage.

Multiple 245s outside. Drive-bys. The whole clan is up in arms, and Charlie and Bill step on it.

Riley deposes Bishop.

The question is how Bishop felt and cautioned Bill about getting involved in the Johnson case. Bishop wonders if a lawyer is necessary or at least a union rep.

Riley has a thick file full of department problems. She tries to throw Bill under the bus, but she gets no assistance from Bishop. She tries to lure Bishop by dragging secrets and the tucked away stuff.

Bishop doesn't bite.

Cade's questions are how many shootings have Cade been involved in since Bill took over.

Riley wants Bill to pay the price for putting his personal interests above those of the department.

The guy is Kito Hamanaka. Organized crime guy from Japan who is hoping to secure his future with the Mexican cartels help.

Bill spots that the guy no doubt already made his call, and they need to spring into action.

Joseph's friend brings in a guy who is no doubt part involved with the dude. Yep. he sure is.

Bill is racing. He's sure that the guy has people coming in. Bill wants Joseph to move the guy now.

The new guy and Kito start fighting to get a handle on the sheriffs. It works. Joseph's friend is gonna die.

That idiot allowed his collar to get booked with a gun. Good God.

Paula is in surgery when she hears the alarms go off. She cannot operate.

She tries to breathe through her panic. It seems to work.

Joseph gets downstairs. It's too late. They got Carter!

A deputy is shot.

The poor guy is twitching on the ground.

All units in the vicinity converge on Lennox station!

They're showing Joseph like a first-person shooter game.

Bill it shooting the shit out of the bad guys.

Bishop and Cade arrive on the scene. Kito escapes.

Bishop makes a good play for the vehicle. Cade pulls up, and Bill gets in. They're on the hunt!

Bill pulls out the big gun.

Damn. Very shaky camera work.

Kito states the obvious. Lose them. Duh.

Cade skillfully propels the car off out of the lane. The guy is limping toward them with a nasty grin on his face.

Deputy Grover is OK.

Paula tells Bill that she had a moment. Deja Vu, Bill says. She knows that she could still have PTSD out of nowhere.

She's worried that her moments might get her again. Today taught her that she could deal with it no matter how often it circles back.

Charlie decides to take a step back and take a more supervisory role while Joseph does the paperwork.

Cade likes to stick to one catastrophe at a time, so he hasn't listened to a message from Teresa yet.

They intercepted a drug shipment for a big win.

Bill's dad is in his office. Not quite in control of his mental faculties.

His dad wanted to be a rodeo clown one upon a time. Bill realizes what they do isn't all that different than what they do in the Sheriff's office.

Maggie calls, really upset. She's watching the news and Carol Riley making a statement. Bill's dad gives him the same speech that Bill earlier gave to Joseph. It's not personal; it's only about power.

Carter tries to take some of the paperwork from Joseph. Carter wants to make others pay for what Hamanaka did. He's a bad deputy.

Carter says some people get how the world works, and some don't. Joseph gets it. And instead of doing his paperwork, Joseph leaves to get a drink with Carter.

Bill tells Paula he's not going to run for Sheriff, and she thinks it's ridiculous.

He won't let Riley dig through his past, find nothing, and go for her and Maggie.

Paula assures Bill that she can handle herself.

Unless he's afraid, then there's no reason to step down.


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Deputy Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Riley: There's no more space for men like you. No untamed land. Not in this city. Not even in this county. And certainly not in this election.
Bill: I guess you've never been to Lancaster.
Riley: The world has moved on. People don't want a gunslinger in this office. They want an advocate. A winner. And you know what? They deserve one. It is MY time.

Let me tell you something, son. You're gonna piss folks off no matter what. That's just life. It might as well be for something worth a damn. They see the good that you do. Trust me.