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Hannah and Jason are caught spying. The True Believers chase after them.

Abe Leonard gets a phone call from his source. The source tells him to check Jason. Then a car pulls away. It's the source.

Jason is shot.

Kirkman signs the gun bill into law.

The only information Leonard finds out about the car, but only that it's a car from the White House pool. No name attached.

Emily, Seth, and Aaron talk about the gun control win. Aaron is pushing for Hookstraten to be VP. They discuss the pros and cons.

Hookstraten and Kirkman talk about their win. Kirkman asks her to become VP. She accepts.

A guy comes into Bowman's office and gives him a piece of paper.

Hannah is back in DC talking to Mike and Forstell about Lozano.

Hannah is at the morgue looking at the body that was supposed to be Lozano and grabs prints.

Aaron is at his office and gets a phone call from Politico. They want a comment before a story goes public. It's a story about Hookstraten and something Turkish and weapons.

Kirkman learns about Hookstraten's Turkish issue where she appears like she's accepting gifts for legislation. Kirkman is not interested and doesn't care.

Ritter tells Kirkman about Lozano.

Aaron confronts Bowman about his leak to Politico.

Hannah learns that Lozano's records were switched with the dead man's records. She suggests that the traitor is still active.

Leonard is meeting with another source. 

Hookstraten meets with Kirkman to talk about the Turkish scandal when Emily comes in to tell them the House Ethics committee is opening an investigation into the speaker.

Jay Whittaker, Homeland Security Advisor, is showing Hannah video of Lozano which they provide to her on flash drive. 

Aaron asks the Politico writer if he'd like an exclusive with Hookstraten. The reporter tells Aaron that there are lots of people gunning for her.

Emily wants Kirkman to dump Hookstraten. He's being hard headed and won't back down.

Bowman is getting ready for dinner and sends out a Tweet about the Hookstraten investigation.

Abe Leonard goes to a diner and finds Jason. He wants to talk to him, but Jason has no interest. Leonard keeps pestering him and asking questions about his son and Jason elbows him before taking off.

Jason talks with Hannah about Leonard. He wants to help, but Hannah wants him to heal from his gunshot wound. 

Liam Price meets with Hookstraten about the Politico story. It was he who gave them the story. Apparently, he worked with her 12 years ago and she fired him for working with lobbyists. She sends Bowman an email about it.

Hannah is talking with Forstell about Lozano. She's going over the tapes with him. Mike informs Kirkman about Hannah's findings.

Forstell tells Hannah they found out who the dead guy is. He was a small arms instructor and a former army guy. Patrick Lloyd the CeO of Browning Reed cosigned a loan for him.

Emily and Seth give Kirkman an update. Seth tells him he might not be able to save her. He wants the op ed to run.

Hannah meets with a source named Vic about Patrick Lloyd. He tells Hannah what he knows. Lloyd is a super patriot.

Hannah and Forstell visit with Lloyd and ask about the land mines. Lloyd talks just like the True Believers manifesto. When they get back in the car, Hannah reads him some excerpts.

Hannah calls Jason for help. She tells him about Patrick Lloyd.

Kirkman calls Camp David. Lily answers the phone. They talk. 

Hannah goes back to her motel. It's very dark. Someone is either in there or was in there. She runs back to her car. Another car comes, but someone has her already. She's knocked out and taken into a van. 

Leonard is in a parking garage waiting for someone. It's his source. His face is revealed, but who the hell is it? Unknown. 

Turns out that the source is with Lozano who is the one who kidnapped Hannah.


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Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

I just want to know what happened to Majid Nassar. Are you a good guy or bad guy?


We're not reading tea leaves, Mr. Lloyd.