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Hannah is put into a semi and taken away. 

The traitor (Jay Whitaker) meets with Emily then gets a text from Lozano saying "The package is out for delivery." He texts the other bad guy, Patrick Lloyd.

Alex is giving a tour to a group of students who will be performing later. Kirkman comes in and takes a selfie with the kids.

Mike and the Forstell haven't heard from Hannah and go to her motel room where they find that she isn't there. They know something is up.

Hookstraten is being questioned by the Ethics Committee about her Turkey dealings.

Mike and Forstell watch tapes and see Wells being kidnapped. They inform Kirkman. He demands every agency gets involved on the case.

Jason buys a voice tracker from some underground guy including a secret service flag.

Secretary of State Moss meets with Kirkman about nuclear weapons.

Forstell finds the van that Wells was in. They are concerned.

In the semi, she's trying to escape. Some guy brings her food. She demands to see Lozano.

Kirkman leaves another meeting regarding environmental issues. Kimball meets with Kirkman to talk about her Committee hearing. She asks him about federal arts funding and how to keep funding for the arts.

Jason plants a bug on Lloyd via a security guy.

Kirkman meets with a Congressman to talk about the federal arts grant. The congressman isn't willing to reopen.

Lloyd is holding a town hall type meeting blasting Kirkman. Forstell is watching the proceedings as well.

Aaron is questioning his cousin about the Ethics Committee hearing. He gives Kimble the bad news.

Lloyd is finished with his speech to supporters and is leaving. The FBI surveillance van follows. Jason follows the real car as the other one was a fake.

Kirkman gets an update on what's going on with each of the issues in this hour: nuclear, education grant, etc.

Jason follows Lloyd to his private abode where he meets with Jay Whitaker. He's taking pictures and listening in.

Hookstraten meets with the other Congressman we just met earlier. She makes an offer to step aside as speaker if he reauthorizes the public education/arts funding.

Whitaker and Lloyd are talking about Wells and Leonard. Atwood hears a noise and comes out with his gun drawn. It's no one, just a deer, but then someone is there. It's Lozano and he shoots Atwood.

Mike and Forstell figure out if they find who's deleting the Browning Reed files, they've found their traitor.

Hookstraten meets with Kirkman. She tells him she's resigning the speakership and her seat because the Ethics Committee is going to vote against her.  He's not happy, but she tells him about the arts funding being reestablished.

Kirkman meets with Forstell and Mike about Hannah and the traitor.

Hannah tells the guard she can't reach her food and he loosens her chains and leaves.

Alex begs Tom to tell her some of the stuff going on. He tells her about Hannah.

Kimble and Kirkman are at the concert.

Kirkman, Moss and Seth board Air Force One for their trip. 

The guy comes in and is going to give Hannah a shot but she overtakes him and escapes. She's on a cargo ship.






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