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Abe Leonard is taken to a shah in Iraq. He asks about the capitol bombing. He learns that Al Sakar was paid to claim they did the bombing.

Hannah and Jason are at the site. The FBI director and Mike are working with them via phone.

At the White House, Emily talks to Tom about the vice presidency. He wants to stay focused on the Supreme Court. He meets with Julie, a professor friend and consultant.

Leonard is in Seth's office. He tells him he's working on a story for a NY magazine that Al Sakar didn't blow up the capitol and if the White House doesn't provide a response they are running with the story.

Seth goes to Emily with the news. 

Tom is meeting with senators about the Julia. Bowman says he has a problem with Tom's choice for Chief Justice. He thinks the nominee has a liberal bias. Tom does his best Jack Bauer impression when the two sides at the meeting begin to fight and try to walk out.

He calls out Bowan and the Republicans for being ridiculous and obstructionist.

Bowman challenges Kirkman. Another senator requests the president to put forward another name for the other ninth seat.

Hannah and Jason head into the tone closest to the silo site. There's a secret code going on that Hannah and Jason fail. 

Kirkman, Emily and Julia talk about potential nominees.

Hannah and Jason go into a bar. No one is there. Hannah starts asking questions and the bar owner calls them "True Believers." They don't know what goes on over there, but there's going on. Jason tells the guy he's former Air Force. He's also a black guy in a podunk town.

Leonard meets with Hookstraten and Aaron. He wants to know why Aaron jumped off the good ship Kirkman. Leonard tells them about MacLeish and the Iraq issue.

Leonard also drops some other bombs and Hookstraten refuses to comment.

Aaron calls the FBI to speak to Hannah and the FBI Director comes to see him. 

The Director goes to Kirkman with what Aaron tells him about Leonard. Kirkman refuses to bring Leonard in to stop him from doing the story. He says they need to ride it out.

Aaron and Emily talk about Hookstraten potential Vice Presidency. She wants him to get the bill passed then they'll talk again.

Leonard's story gets rejected by the paper. He's upset, but his editor tells him there isn't enough for a story about MacLeish, Lozano and Wells. She sends him after Wells.

Hannah and Jason are walking around town. They've found a cell. She goes to talk to one of the guys by a camper. She gets a manifest called The Americana.

Leonard starts looking at conspiracy theory footage showing Hannah at the Kirkman shooting.

Kirkman meets with Julia again in the oval office. Emily comes in with the news that Bowman rejected their other candidate. Kirkman then tells Julia he wants to nominate her. She's not a judge. 

Hannah reads excerpts from the manifesto. 

Julia tells Kirkman she can't run for the Supreme Court because she has early onset dementia.

Hannah and Jason head to the silo property and are met with some unfriendly hunters with guns. They don't want them in the silo area. 

Julia tells Tom she has an idea on how to go around Bowman.

Leonard is walking home when he notices someone following him. He takes a picture but when he turns around the guy is gone.

Hannah reports in and learns that the license plates she submitted are all bogus. They don't know anything about the group at all. Director is putting together a task force to assist them.

Kirkman meets with the senators. Julia explains. They don't have to have nine judges. She cites the Constitution after an objection from Bowman.

Bowman and the Republicans agree to allow the next President to choose the final Supreme Court judge.

Leonard confronts Seth about the the guy following him. He thinks the White House put the FBI on him. 

News reports of the Supreme Court compromise. It's all rainbows and unicorns for the Kirkman presidency today. He celebrates with a beer. 

Leonard is going to his car and there is a package on the windshield for him. It's a phone that rings when he takes it out of the package. It's a "friend." It's his source to tell him to meet him at a bridge in one hour.

Hannah and Jason breach the campsite. A chopper comes in to land at the site. The guy who comes out of the helicopter is Lazono.

Designated Survivor
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