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The White House is hosting a black tie event, and Kirkman is using it to negotiate the release of a young teen who was thrown in prison in a foreign nation for graffiti. 

Ethan West is representing the family of Matthew Jennings, the teen in prison. 

Hannah meets with the automotive entrepreneur and friend of Kirkman and Andrea and tells him that she needs him to meet Andrea somewhere so that she can break into Andrea's apartment. She tells him her suspicions of Andrea and how she was fired.

The ambassador of the country with the American prisoner collapses at the dinner and ends up dying. The country blames the US for his death and says he has been poisoned. 

Mike invesitages the death further. 

Kirkman meets with Matthew's parents. He gives his word that he will bring him home.

Seth finds out from the press that the kid has been sentenced 20 years of hard labor. The prime minister is using the sentence to blackmail the  US. 

The ambassador was in debt for years and one of the people he owed money to came to collect by getting his horses.

Kendra, Emily, and Seth vet Steven Flannery. 

Chuck helps Hannah break into Andrea's house. 

She finds a false wall leading to a secret room with hard drives and computers that may have confirmed that's where all the hacking has taken place. 

Kirkman speaks to Matthew. He tells Kirkman that he knows they're blackmailing him, and he doesn't want to be used that way. He changes his mind about giving in to them. 

Seth speaks to woman, Caitlin, who filed a claim against him for sexual harassment. Kendra and Lyor are dismissive of it when it doesn't appear to be anything too bad but rather a disgruntled employee.

Hannah copies all of the files off of Andrea's computer. 

Kendra tells Emily that she had a brief hookup with Flannery a decade ago. 

When Kendra notices how flirty Flannery is with other staff members, she has Lyor look into him further.

West is on all the media networks claiming that Kirkman is in bed with the devil because of the deals being struck to get Matthew out. 

The neighbor of the ambassador, another diplomat of some sort, is seen on tape possibly putting something in the ambassador's drink because of a disagreement over the removal of an oak tree. 

Kirkman sits down with Ethan. He found out that Ethan knew Matthew's aunt who was murdered 30 years ago. He feels guilty about standing her up the night she was found outside the bar stabbed.

They find another complaint against Flannery. Emily tells Kendra that it's her call, but he'll likely sail through confirmation. 

She meets up with Flannery for drinks.

Kirkman and West team up against the prime minister after they find out that he has been enacting in some toxic tort issues, and Ethan is the best attorney in that area. they reach a deal and Matthew is free. 

Kendra tells Emily she called the whole thing off with Flannery and blamed it on the GOP. She wonders if she was coerced when she was younger by him.

Kirkman confronts his friend because he put together the pieces that his friend was the one who bugged his office with the toy car he gave him. He confronts him about it and it turns out he didn't really fire Hannah and it was his house Hannah was investigating, not Andrea. 

Andrea and Kirkman have a nice talk, and she tells him that she's moving to San Francisco.

Mike tells Chuck that he knew what was going on, but he wants him to take care of himself better. 

Hannah and Chuck figure out that Dax joined up with Valeria and that Valeria meant to shoot Hannah but killed Damian instead. Hannah turns over her shield to Aaron until she can get justice for Damian. 


Designated Survivor
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