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Hannah breaks into what she thinks is Valeria's house and starts fighting with a guy there. The police come in and arrest her because she can no longer say she works with the FBI.

Kendra apparently slept with Trey.

Moss is on the news saying he doesn't think Kirkman is fit to be president. 

Ethan is on another channel saying that Kirkman didn't really help with saving the young kid.

Kirkman suggests appointing Ethan to investigate Moss as special prosecutor. 

The GOP is not pleased with Kirkman because they don't like that he's an Independent, playing the middle.

Trey heads back to Kendra's house because he forgot his wallet. When he gets there, he sees that someone broke into her house. She's hiding and almost hits him with something thinking he's the intruder. Kirkman takes it as an attack on the White House. He also warns Trey off of Kendra. 

Lyor meets with Ethan to tell him about being the appointed investigator for Moss. He can't be viewed as aligned with the White House.

Aaron bails Hannah out and tells her she has to meet with Ethan. 

Both parties want Kirkman to run on their ticket and pick a side for reelection time. Everyone is frustrated that the election is 16 months away and they want to know his plans. 

Someone calls Kendra from Trey's phone, threatens her, and demand she look into a case of an unsolved murder.

Kendra tells Mike and the detective about the case, and they agree to look into it. 

Kirkman mentions in front of the press that he's tired of both parties playing politics instead of passing his bill because they're too focused on whether or not he'll run.

Ethan interviews Aaron about everything that has been going on, Hannah in particular. 

Valeria wanted Hannah detained briefly so that she could ransack her apartment. 

Ethan speaks to Moss. Moss then goes to exchange banter with Kirkman and once again remind him that he'll bring him down and that he shouldn't be president. 

Kendra meets with the father of the suspect who broke into Kendra's home. He feels she ruined his family's life because of the case.

When Mike and the detective go to talk to Micky, a person of interest, he starts firing at them. Mike has to shoot and kill him before he kills the detective. Mickey was the one who broke into Kendra's house and threatened her. 

Lyor urges Tom to pick a party and he refuses. He doubled down on being an independent and threatened to use whatever power he has to make sure the people know that both parties are putting partisanship ahead of soldiers and the people. 

Trey tells Tom that he has real feelings for Kendra. 

Kendra feels bad about the prosecution of the case. She doesn't want to go home. Emily offers to let her stay with her. 

Hannah approaches Aaron about gaining access to Damian's stuff. She tells him she needs it for closure, not evidence. She finds a paper that says something about their rendezvous point. When she goes there, she finds a flashdrive in a bench. She plays the video and Damian tells her that if she's watching it, that means he's dead and he gives her the address of his daughter. Valeria will go after her to kill her, and he only trusts Hannah to save her. 

Hannah buys a ticket to England. 

Ethan tells Kirkman that Hannah being used as a swiss army knife is suspect and that there is a case for Kirkman being charged with political conspiracy. 

Mike tells Kendra that the killer who was put in witness protection was killed. Micky and his father used the whole thing to flesh out the killer and have him murdered. Mike warns Kendra that she can't go home. She remembers that Emily is at her house getting belongings for her. She calls Emily, who answers the phone, but then Emily is shot by a sniper through the window. 


Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Three months since I've hooked up with anyone, and I hook up with Kirkman's brother right before someone tries to Patty Hearst my ass.


Kendra, Good morning. I didn't want to wake you, but do you know where the other one of these is? [holds up shoe]