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Kirkman wants all hands on deck as he tries to figure out where the dirty bomb is. He tells the leader of East Han Chiu that he won't be going anywhere until he can resolve the situation and claims it's a safety issue. 

Kirkman uses Andrea's tech to help them find the location of the dirty bomb, but she has reservations when she realizes that they will be working with Forstell and the FBI. She doesn't want her rights to be violated or for her tech to be usurped by the government. Kirkman assures her that everything is kosher. 

They are able to determine that the bomb is somewhere in the metropolitan DC area. Hannah goes with them and tracks it down to a hanger. The bomb is gone, but it was there and it's proof that it could do some serious damage. 

Emily wants actions to be taken against Moss and a special counsel, but Kendra needs to know where she got the information from. 

Joon is poisoned while under FBI custody.

A reporter catches wind that all of the cabinet has conveniently cleared their schedules, so he wants Seth to tell him the truth because he knows there is a story there. 

Kendra gets a special order so that Andrea can use her data mining to find the bomber. Andrea is reluctant to do it because it goes against the constitutional rights of the American people. 

Everyone has to head down to the bunker, but they're not allowed to tell their loved ones or anyone else about the bomb. 

Joon played all of them and used baking soda to look like he was poisoned. He escaped from the hospital. 

Kirkman and the VP play chess. She tells them that she was afraid about potentially becoming the president. He told her that one of the reasons he chose her was because she doesn't want to be president. She's not ambitious, she just wants to serve. 

The reporter stops Seth on his way to the bunker. He tells him that he knows Seth sent an anonymous email.

Lyra points them in the direction of Arturo. 

They find a live bomb thanks to Lyra. They try to diffuse it. It's not the bomb they were looking for.

Simon puts Seth on the spot during the press conference asking about Moss. Kendra realizes that Emily leaked information to Simon to force Kendra's hand. She doesn't feel like she's in the wrong. 

Forstell admits that he feels bad about how he went after the Kirkmans, and Hannah encourages him to make things right. When he does and makes amends, Kirkman tells him that he was simply doing his job that he believed was right, and he forgives him. 

Chuck is able to find the location of Arturo before Lyra. Hannah and her partner go there, but they find him dead. She realizes that the bomb they found was a decoy because of all the bigger bomb-making equipment there. She calls to warn Forstell that the bomb is in the subway. 

He tries to go back in to warn his people, but it explodes. It kills him in five other agents. 

Kirkman makes a statement addressing the nation. 

Hannah puts pressure on Joon and threatens him telling him he will get the death penalty. He tells him what he knows. They figure out that Kunami is behind setting Joon up and holding his girlfriend hostage.

The Kunami ambassador denies it. 

Kirkman wants to torder an immediate attack on the leader of Kunami. The others try to encourage him to go through the proper channels, but he refuses. He orders the strike and likely has started a war. 





Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

You helped us find the bomb, now I'm going to need you to help us find the bomber.

Tom [to Andrea]

Lyor: Dying of radiation poison interferes with my grand plan.
Emily: Which is?
Lyor: Living to 130.