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Kirkman addresses the nation and tells them that the country is at war with Kunami. Lyor is caught off guard because of the use of the word war. 

Chuck studies the video footage and finds a political advisor to East Han Chiu, Bowen. They haul him in for questioning. He tells them that he was acting at the behest of the emir of Kunami. He offers up the possibility of finding a rebel leader believed to be dead. 

A week later the strikes against Kumani are continuing. 

Lyor doesn't agree with the fact that they're at war despite the approval ratings. 

Trish asks Mike about what it's like being stationed because her brother is stationed and doesn't know what's going on. 

Trent checks in on Kirkman. He tells him that he's worried about him and all the pressure he's under and wonders if he's seeing his therapist. 

There were casualties when soldiers tried to track down the emir. Hannah is missing. 

Hannah works with a soldier, Simms. 

They want more information on the hack, but it's not out there and congressmen are asking questions. 

Aaron goes to Damian and Chuck for more information on where they are tracking down the hacker. Chuck is aggravated that he has to work with Damian because he doesn't trust him, but Aaron blows him off. 

Kirkman tells the ambassador that the emir needs to turn himself over or he will continue bombing them until the people lead a revolt and kill him themselves. 

Aaron informs Kirkman that one of their missiles hit a hospital and that many civilians were killed. 

Hannah and Simms come under attack again and Simms wants to know if Hannah trusts the advisor that is guiding them through in search of the emir. 

The UN wants a sit down with the president after the bombing of a hospital. Kirkman calls for more caution with the bombing but won't relent.

Seth questions if the bombings are overkill, but Emily defends Kirkman's stance and Kirkman agrees that it's necessary. 

Chuck and Damian follow a lead in the case to a cybersecurity company. The demand information using their authority as FBI and consultant and get another lead. The main hacker in the black hat group is named gamine

Aaron tells Hannah that they have been compromised and he needs to extract her, but she doesn't listen.

The emir agrees to adjudicate for a price but won't accept responsibility for the bombing. 

Mike tells Kirkman that Trisha's brother is the special forces soldier with Hannah.

Simms calls Hannah out on being reckless. 

Kirkman asks Emily if he's making the right decisions and if he's the right person for the job. 

Kirkman meets with Trish. She tells him that her brother finished his third tour but he reenlisted because of Kirkman and believes in him and that's the person he wanted to serve. 

Kirkman goes out to the press conference to address the nation. He still stands by his war. He's unwavering and not compromising. He doubled down on his stance. 

Hannah meets with the emir and gives him Kirkman's demands. He agrees to have a sit-down. When he steps away, Hannah snoops in his tent. She finds correspondence letters between Amal and the Kunami ambassador. The Kunami ambassador wanted to set the emir of Kunami up to get Amal to take over with the US' backing. 

The other SEAL team finds bioweapons that the emir was planning to use against his own people. They use that to justify Kirkman's decision with the war. 

Trisha thanks Mike for talking to Kirkman. 

Aaron and Lyor make up. 

Chuck informs the others that the notes belonging to the president's therapist have been leaked, and only a few people know he was seeing a therapist and most of those people are in the room. 



Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Aaron: One thing I haven't figured out, what the hell is it exactly that you do here?
Lyor: I make everyone look good. I should charge you double.

When the Capitol was bombed, I swore an oath to protect this country against further aggression. The dirty bomb was a declaration of war by a foreign nation, and it is a war this country will win. God bless you, and God bless these United States of America.