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Kirkman finds reasons to avoid speaking to the therapist that his staff is pushing him to see. 

The First Lady was killed by a man who was texting while driving. He had a trial and was sentenced. 

Hannah is on probation after shooting Damian. She's annoyed about it, and she's upset that everyone is questioning her judgment because she was sleeping with him.

Aaron and Hannah go to Cuba. They're there on a trade mission. The bus carrying them is hijacked by a Cuban militia group.

Hannah tells Aaron to hide his White House ID, he does, but one of the men find it. They hold Aaron hostage and use him to deliver a message to the president. 

The General suggest sending a  drone to get a better idea of the hostage situation. 

It's shot down. 

Hannah figures out a way to escape while in the hut where she's being held, hostage. She beats up a few of the rebels, but they catch her and bring her back. 

She figures out that Cross, one of the men with them, is working with the rebels. 

The staff tries to urge Kirkman to pursue military action but he doesn't want to because he wants to keep as many people as safe as possible.

He recounts with his therapist how he broke the news to his kids and the funeral and funeral prep.

Kirkman chooses to go for the ransom instead of military action against his staff's advisement. 

When he thinks about the fact that his therapist has been pointing out how he's allowing his trauma to affect his decisions without realizing it, he changes his mind and arranges for the military to be used to retrieve the hostages. Emily and Lyor are thrilled that Kirkman appears to be back. 

Lyor hires a new assistant.

The rebels threaten to kill Hannah. On the video, she signals the sign of the cross to tip them off that Cross is involved. 

They figure out that the Cuban president, the rebels, and Cross have been colluding together. 

After a talk with his therapist, Kirkman heads to see the man who killed Alex. He tells the guy that he wants to see him suffer with the knowledge that he took his wife away from him for the rest of his life. 

After trying to get Emily to take a trip with him, Emily finally admits that she doesn't want to be that close with Seth. Things are going too fast. 

Lyor's new assistant, Tricia, actually finds the original blueprints for the White House that he sent her after. She tells him that she basically living her dream working in the White House because that's what her parents worked so hard for her to be able to do. 

When Hannah returns home, Damian sneaks up on her and holds a gun to her telling her that they need to talk. 

Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Hannah: What are they talking about?
Aaron: They're talking about killing us.

Aaron: I'm asking as a friend. You took out someone you cared for. Are you OK?
Hannah: I was OK the second I put a bullet in that son of a bitch.