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Damian tells Hannah that he has information that America may be interested in. She knocks him out.

Astronauts in space need supplies and the rocket will carry cargo. Damian warns them that the rocket will explode if they go through with it. 

Hannah and Aaron interrogate Damian. He keeps insisting that they need to talk. He tells them about how he was turned into a Russian spy and how Patrick Lloyd was connected to all of this. He tells them that the Russians didn't want it to look like their connection to Lloyd meant they were trying to overthrow the US government. Lloyd's thing with Alex and the Capitol bombing was unrelated to what and who Damian was working for.

Kirkman makes the call anyway and the rocket launch fails. 

They have to figure out another way to get the astronauts water. 

Russia is the only country that can get to the astronauts in time.

Damian tells them that the space program isn't the only thing that has been hacked into and compromised.

Kirkman meets with the ambassador of Russia. He wants help bringing the astronauts supplies. Kirkman tells him that he has a Russian spy in custody.

Damian tells them that a cyber hacker named Rook Storm is likely behind it all. He has to be the one to take Hannah there.

Penny has been fighting at school.

Kirkman meets with Dr. Andrea Frost to help with their crisis. 

Damian takes Hannah to Rook Storm. He tells them who he thinks is the hacker who hacked NASA. It's a guy named Ollie. Hannah goes to confront him and he begins running and firing off at them. 

While under attack, Damian tells her that he has a clean shot. She gives him her gun and he shoots Ollie in the neck. He tells them how the hacker hacked into NASA.

Andrea Frost's cooling technique helps save the astronauts and the Russians can help get the supplies there. 

Chuck figures out that a plumber is responsible for heading into both locations when the hack happened. He is the one responsible for circumventing the system and hacking into it with just one swipe of his key card under the guise that he's the plumber, he got past all of the security undetected.

Hannah and Damian head to speak to the plumber, but his wife tells them that her husband is dead. They find the card in a football. 

The ambassador still won't play ball because he doesn't want the US to retaliate because of Damian. 

Kirkman meets with Penny's teacher. She tells him that Penny's fights have all been because she was defending someone else. She doesn't want anyone else to get hurt.

Cornelius strikes a deal with the ambassador, so the ambassador agrees to help them. They agree to not looking into Russian involvement into the Icarus investigation. 

Kirkman confronts Cornelius about it. Moss tells Kirkman that he has not liked what he's seen from Kirkman since Alex died, and he's tired of cleaning up after him. 

Kirkman fires Moss. He tells Seth to state that Moss put in his resignation and that he's thankful for his service. 

They get word of video footage of Kirkman in the jail cell being menacing to the man who killed Alex.



Designated Survivor
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