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Aaron and Hannah tell the Senior Staff that they'll investigate everyone because only a few people knew about Kirkman seeing a shrink. They have to hand over their cell phones.

The senators and other politicians express doubt in Kirkman because of the therapy leak. 

Lyor tries to get the shrink to issue a statement to show the public that Kirkman isn't unfit to govern the country.

Damian meets with his old Russian handler for information about Gamine. She warns him that the Americans will get rid of him when everything is over, but he could be useful to her later on. 

Another leaked tape of the shrink stating that Kirkman has PTSD. The psychiatrist tells Kirkman that he had a total of seven tapes filled with notes on Kirkman's mental health.

Another tape is leaked and it implies that there is a special closeness between Kirkman and Andrea Frost.

Thanks to Trish, Lyor figures out that Darby and the cabinet are getting together so they can invoke the 25th Amendment deeming the President mentally unfit to rule the country. Kirkman confronts Darby about it and he's livid. She tells him that she'll give him the chance to prove himself. 

She also tells him about the man who is leading the charge. Ethan West comes to the White House and introduces himself to Kirkman. 

Kirkman agrees to Darby's terms. Ethan wants documentation of everything, witnesses, the President's doctor notes, and he has to answer Ethan's questions. 

Emily is afraid her previous actions may hurt Kirkman. She confesses to Seth. She then speaks with Chuck who assures her that he didn't actually use her information to break the case on Moss, he found another ethical way to handle it. He reminds her that he's more than just some guy working in the basement and that he can be an asset to the white house. 

Lyor meets with Ethan and they both bring up their past actions that could destroy the other in the public eye. Ethan tells Lyor that he wants to be relevant and now he's the most relevant person in the country.

Chuck finds another lead in the Gamine case. Damian and Hannah go to investigate an art gallery by posing as a married couple. 

Lyor advises Tom that he's in a no-win situation and that the best way out of it may be if he resigns and goes back to teaching. He appears to consider it while talking to Andrea about how he was supposed to die with the others that day. He tells her he doesn't know if he can keep doing the presidency anymore. 

Seth reprimands the press. 

Chuck shortens the list and figures out that Hannah may be the person who the leak for the therapy stuff. 

When Hannah tries to contact someone to warn the others, someone opens fire on her and Damian, and he is shot trying to protect her. He takes four bullets to the tourist and is presumably killed. 

Kirkman goes to the science fair against advisement and tells Andrea the extent of what was said in his therapy sessions about her. 

Kirkman talks to his staff and thanks them for being the best staff he can ask for. He apologizes to Darby and tells her he knows she's doing what she feels is right, and he sits down with Ethan and tells him to do what he needs to but that he still feels he shouldn't have to prove himself. 

He talks to Penny about what's going on too


Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Kirkman: What's going on?
Emily: A coup, sir.

Kirkman: How many other tapes are out there?
Doctor: Seven.
Kirkman: Seven? So this is only the beginning.