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It's three-letter day where the President has to answer three letters of thousands that he's sent. Kirkman assigns Aaron and Emily to one letter, Lyor and Seth to another, and Kendra to the last one.

Hannah tries to go undercover and open an account in St. Lucia in another person's name to prove that the banker knows that Little set the account up in Alex's name.

Kendra looks into an inmate whose case was poorly handled, and whose lawyer screwed him over. He's since exhausted all of his appeals, and Kendra is hoping that Kirkman can save him before he's put to death.

Aaron and Emily meet with the widow of a soldier who is wondering why her husband didn't receive a medal of honor for his service.

Emily meets with Forestell to talk about the Cincinnati investigation which was basically him tipping her off that he would not be backing down.

Lyor found out that Forestell is making a Senate run and has ulterior motives. It wouldn't  get rid of the Icarus investigation having him removed and a special prosecutor in, but it would remove Forestell.

Seth and Lyor's case consists of a beekeeper who thins the FaA is killing his bees.

Kendra and Hannah track down the inmate's daughter to get more information about his case but she declines to help them. 

Someone tries to run Hannah down, and it's presumably in relation to the case with Alex and her looking into the banker.

The Colonel lied about the Sergeant's death because he thought he was having an affair with his wife. He agrees to tell the truth as long as he can tell the Sergeant's wife about the affair he had. Commendation in question. Aaron and Emily disagree on how to handle it.

Emily finally attempts to tell Kirkman about Seth, but he already knew about it because of his friend at the DA's office. He recognizes how difficult it is for her but chastises her too.

Lyor and Seth go the presumed culprit's house but it's Eddie's wife causing the bees to be killed. Lyor wants to "wreck their marriage" by telling the truth, but Seth doesn't.

Kirkman meets with the soldier's widow and son and tells the son that his father was a hero.

The couple ends up confessing to all the bad things they did, he killed her roses, and she admits to poisoning the bees. 

The inmate took the fall for his son, Frank, who really did the killing. Kendra tries to convince him to tell the truth.

Seth offers to resign, but Emily tells him that the president won't allow it because she already told him to fire Seth and he refused. They talk, make up, and kiss.

Kirkman saves Dern from being killed but decides he should spend the rest of his life in prison for lying etc.

Chuck narrows down the search for the person who tried to run Hannah down.

Hannah figures out that Frank, the inmate's son is the one who tried to run her down. 

Alex wants Kirkman to fire Forestell. She questions his commitment as a husband.

Chuck triangulated the call that Forestell received, and figures out that Damien is the one who contacted him. 

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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I can be very persuasive.


Alex, you are a fighter. It's one of the many things I love about you, but we're not fighting this, we're hiding.