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Bree faints while rollerblading with Keith and finds out she started menopause.   Desperate to keep the news from Keith, she discusses her hot flashes, and mood swings with her gynecologist and divulges her need to mask the symptoms so that she does not have to fess up to her much younger boyfriend.

Paul and Beth finally seal the deal and he is impressed with her “research” on sex.  Paul’s ex cellmate, a murderer comes for a visit and moves into Paul’s old house.  Paul won’t tell Beth why, and she is getting more and more curious so she blackmails Paul’s cellmate to tell her Paul’s secret.

Renee and Lynette decide to start an interior design business, but Lynette needs to find a nanny so that they can work from home.  Renee calls Susan to tell her about a new job opportunity – Susan thinks they want her to join as a designer, but turns out they want her to be the nanny.  Not being able to turn down the job is an awful reminder that Susan is the poor one.

Gaby has Bob over for dinner to thank him for helping she and Carlos find their daughter Grace.  And much to Carlos’ delight uncovers that Bob is more of a man’s man than a gay persona as Gaby thought.  Carlos and Bob start to hang out and Lee tells Gaby that Bob may be trying to “flip” Carlos. 

Gaby, initially not concerned says, “He’s not going to give up these chimichangas for a plate of franks and beans”.  However, she starts to wonder when Carlos and Bob plan a weekend of golf which includes a sleepover – in one room.  Gaby tells Carlos her concerns, and asks him not to go.  When Bob hears this, he is upset and tells Gaby that he does not have an agenda but is just lonely and wants to have a social life again.

Bree meets Keith’s dad, and his mom, Mary – who is also Bree’s gynecologist.  An awkward dinner occurs and Bree comes out with her middle-aged news.  Later, Bree tells Keith that not only can she not have children; she does not want to have any more.  Keith is upset, but wants them to just keep being happy together – for now.

Gaby helps Bob and Lee get back together to help Bob from being so lonely and to keep him from man time with her hubby. 

Beth, proud of finding out Paul’s secret plan for the neighborhood, visits her mother in jail.  A familiar face – her mother is Felicia Tillman.  It looks like Beth does indeed understand vengeance.

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I must say, for a virgin you were surprisingly open-minded.


Humiliation - it's not always something we can avoid.

Mary Alice