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Halloween hits the Lane this week, and Paul is still trying to do anything he can to get Beth into the sack.  After 2 months of failed attempts, he takes her to a therapist where Beth confesses that she is a virgin.  The therapist suggests they “date” to get to know each other better. 

Susan confesses to Mike about her stint at VaVaVaBroom.  She also tells him about Paul’s blackmail.  Mike is upset and says he should have taken the job in Alaska after all.

Juanita starts to question her mom’s relationship with Grace.  She finds Gaby’s necklace in Grace’s jewelry box, and “steals” it back for her mom. 

Later, the girls are getting costume ready, and Grace is a beautiful princess that Gaby adores, and Juanita is a lovely big dog.  It doesn’t take long for Juanita to start to resent Grace for stealing all of her mom’s attention.  Just to make sure it is clear, she cuts Grace’s hair while “helping” her get her tiara out of a tangle.

Tom’s mom is still living with them to help with the kids, but her forgetfulness is getting worse.  She forgets to wake the baby, asks for more hand cream when she has 10 jars left, and then goes out to get more Halloween candy, getting lost on the lane in the process. 

Susan threatens Paul by finding a violation in his lease involving a thumbtack.  She tells him he has to be out of the house in 60 days.  This drives Paul to take it to the next level – he starts the rumor at Susan’s school that she is involved in some interesting after school activities.  Susan get’s fired, and Mike takes it out on Susan for putting their family in this position.

Bree finds out a secret about Keith.  She is pleasantly surprised to find that his “Bachelor Pad” is actually a tastefully decorated apartment.  He does however, have a female roommate she did not know about.  Turns out that is not the big surprise though.  Bree finds some of Keith’s mail from the state corrections department.

To find out more, Bree confides in her new buddy Renee about Keith’s secret.  Renee tells her that she got the scoop on Keith from the bartender –and it was a bar fight where he was defending his girlfriend.  Bree is relieved, that is until Keith picks a fight with someone at a Halloween party who was hitting on Bree. 

Paul and Beth still aren’t acting as a married couple, so he tells her he wants her gone by the end of the week.  She calls her mom, and she convinces her to stay and make it work - the question is, who is her mother?

Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Bree: I'll come if I can bring Keith.
Renee: I guess one child would be okay.

You're either going as a dog or a little Mexican girl. And in this neighborhood, we both know which one's getting more candy!

Gaby [to Juanita]