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Did Massimo make the right selection after being denied the vice CEO position at NYL?

He certainly made the most reasonable choice on Devils Season 1 Episode 2.

At first, it appeared that Massimo was going to make a reckless decision just to pay back Dominic and NYL for what he considered as a betrayal.

In Trouble -- Tall - Devils Season 1 Episode 2

He convinced a reluctant Sofia, angry at him for possibly making her an accessory to Ed's death, to hook him up with a respectable newspaper journalist in order to spill dirt on NYL.

That's how you can tell Devils is set in the recent past in 2011. Newspapers still reined supreme.

Planning His Revenge -- Tall - Devils Season 1 Episode 2

He also conspired with a potential future employer, hedge-fund billionaire Li Acheng, to illegally profit off of that leaked information, in essence insider trading.

But such rash moves seemed so out of character, so un-Massimo like. He couldn't have risen in the stodgy world of British banking if he let his Italian temper seep through every time he was slighted.

In order to get ahead, Massimo had to be better prepared, to be better informed than anybody else. He had to be calculating first and foremost.

How else does an immigrant economics major/bartender end up head of trading at an international bank? It wasn't like he had an old-boys network upon which to depend.

No, as much as he reacted this episode, he acted more often.

Still on the Team - Devils Season 1 Episode 2

When a respected international banking official came out against the dollar, Massimo put his team to work cashing in on that uncertainty, to build the nest egg he/they would need in the days to come.

Then he called in his secret weapon, Oliver.

Oliver thought he had landed a plum assignment doing forensics work for Massimo on Devils Season 1 Episode 1. But that was before Ed took his swan dive.

Things got serious for Oliver at that point, so he wanted out. But Massimo doesn't take no for an answer and convinced Oliver to retrieve Ed's personal laptop from Nina and crack it to see what's inside.

Oliver appears to like the challenge despite the danger.

Strong Right Hand -- Tall - Devils

Then Massimo brought his secret weapon public, introducing Oliver to his work and his team. He even let Oliver experience the thrill of the deal, making the choice to stay in with the Euro. Oliver used his instincts to make the right call.

After Oliver explained that his observations led to that choice, Massimo seemed to understand from where he was coming. After all, Massimo works from his gut as well.

It will be intriguing to see where Oliver fits into Massimo's team, which is evolving.

The weak link has been obvious from the beginning: Paul.

The married father's weakness for pretty younger women and drugs made him susceptible to blackmail, as this episode proved. 

Blackmailed Mole - Devils Season 1 Episode 2

Paul screwing around with a teen girl gave Alex, who I'm guessing is Dominic's security chief, the opening he needed to turn Paul into his mole in Dominic's team.

The fact that Paul was so skittish about the police investigation made it clear he was a liability for Massimo.

But how did Massimo know that Paul had betrayed him? Did Oliver hack Paul's phone?

Oliver found nothing incriminating on Ed's laptop, which was suspicious in itself. But at least that told him that someone else had gotten there first, removing that file about Massimo after Paul died. Dominic, no doubt, but why?

Also, where is all the incriminating data on Ed's falsified record profits for his division? Dominic likely made those disappear as well.

Game-Changing Secret - Devils Season 1 Episode 2

Massimo made the right choice going to see Claire instead of unburdening himself to the reporter.

If he hadn't done so, he wouldn't have learned about Ed's true situation, that Ed had resigned rather than take the vice CEO position.

That enabled him to get some of the truth out of Dominic: that Ed had been allowed to resign rather than be fired for the false profit reports.

So Ed had no reason to kill himself, as he was going to retire to a pleasant life as a country gentleman.

This revealed that Ed was murdered, although the police hadn't gotten to that conclusion yet, since Claire hadn't told about Ed's resignation.

Police Interview  - Devils Season 1 Episode 2

Likewise, Ed had no reason to bring Carrie back into Massimo's life.

So who would work to derail both Massimo and Ed's attempts at being promoted?

It's got to be Dominic, but why?

It was enjoyable to watch Dominic in motion, seeking to intimidate those who supported the move away from the dollar.

Dominic obviously has a long reach, as the official who proposed the move away from the dollar ended up being arrested late in the episode.

Meeting Her Boss - Devils Season 1 Episode 2

Dominic and NYL must be up to something shady, that he wants to keep the position of his lieutenant empty. There's no one to ask penetrating questions that way.

We also got to learn the story of how Massimo and Carrie met and fell in love.

And now that Massimo's decided to recommit himself to her, she's dead.

Even before that, he was determined to figure out this mystery. Now he's going to be even more intent on getting answers.

I suspect we'll be getting Massimo-Carrie flashbacks through the season, to stoke his fire.

To ponder Dominic's scheme, watch Devils online.

What's Dominic's game?

Did Massimo make the right choice?

Are you glad Paul's gone?

Comment below.

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Devils Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Massimo: Let's replay the point. I don't like to win that way.
Dominic: Have I taught you nothing? Nobody cares how you win. Besides, I'll kick your ass next time.

Although I can't see the devil's face, I know he can see mine. I can't hide.