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Matt Smith exits Doctor Who following this episode.

A message was received and everyone arrives. Even The Doctor cannot translate the message.

Clara calls the TARDIS and asks The Doctor to please come to Christmas Dinner and ask as her boyfriend.

The Doctor discovers Cybermen on the attack. Clara calls again and needs him at her side for Christmas dinner.

When The Doctor shows up at Clara's, he is naked. Clara introduces him as her boyfriend to her family. He hasn't put clothes onto their visual cortexes so they all see him naked.

Clara wants The Doctor to use the TARDIS to go back in time and cook the Christmas turkey.

While cooking the turkey, they discover the planet everyone is surrounding is Gallifrey. The Doctor cannot believe it. 

They go to the church of the papal mainframe, where nudity is appreciated and meet with Mother Superious, Tasha Lem.

The signal is one of overwhelming fear and dread.

There was next a weeping angel under the snow and they were everywhere.

Next the duo are in a town where they must speak the truth, the town is called Christmas.

If the Doctor speaks his name, the Time War will begin again, according to Mother Superious. She refuses to let The Doctor speak his name, although Trenzalore begs for it. 

The TARDIS is blown up.

The Papal Mainframe strives to keep the peace by maintaining silence. The Doctor stays in Christmas and protects Trenzalore and his new people. He ages. 

Clara finally finds The Doctor, unhappy that he tricked her and left her behind. 

Handles dies.

The Doctor is certain the face he has is the last one, the one he ends up with. 

Tasha Lem calls The Doctor to the church. But it's not Tasha. She was taken over by a Dalek. Everyone has been turned to Daleks.

Right after The Doctor promises Clara he will never leave her again, he leaves and heads back to Gallifrey and Trenzalore to protect them from the Daleks with the Silence at his side.

Tasha gets the TARDIS and takes Clara to The Doctor. He is elderly, whittling toys in Trenzalore. 

The Doctor says goodbye to Clara, and she asks the cracks in time to help The Doctor. They don't need a name because The Doctor is the only name he needs.

The Doctor saves Christmas.

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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Clara: Emergency. You're my boyfriend.
The Doctor: Ding dong. OK, brilliant. I may be a bit rusty in some areas, but I will glance at a manual.

I said put me on a ship. I didn't say put me on a Dalek ship. Don't put me on a Dalek ship when I'm holding a broken bit of Dalek!

The Doctor