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The doctor must deal with an impossible decision as plans move forward for the Nethersphere. 

Clara calls Danny and just tells him to shut up shut up shut up. She wants to tell him about everything. She has an entire wall of Post-Its to tell him about her past. She first says I love you and that she'll never say the words again to anyone else. They are his now. He doesn't respond and she starts to panic. A woman picks up the phone. Danny was hit by a car.

Clara runs to the accident. Time passes and she is standing in front of a memorial for Danny, who has died. 

The phone is ringing in the TARDIS. Clara is trying to reach The Doctor. Her kitchen is filled with flowers and get well wishes. She hasn't cried or let go. She says Danny's death wasn't terrible. It was boring. It was nothing. It was like stepping off of a bus. She says nobody owes her anything, but she believes she is owed better. The Doctor answers. When he says she's only human, the smile is wiped off of her face.

The TARDIS is by an erupting volcano. Clara shows him a rock. Clara comes into the TARDIS, ready to go. We're flipping back and forth in time before Clara kidnaps The Doctor. 

She wants Danny Pink brought back. If he doesn't comply, she'll destroy all of the keys. 

Clara sends all seven keys into the lava and breaks down crying. He asks her to look into her hand. She had no sleep patch in her hand. They just make her more suggestible. The Doctor allowed her to play out her scenario to see how far she would go. Now she wonders where it leaves them. He suggests she go to hell.

He gives a great speech. He doesn't care so little for her that betrayal would would make him angry with her. They're heading for wherever Danny is -- the afterlife.

Danny is somewhere. he's being asked questions. It's important to know whether or not he's being cremated. The guy tells Danny he's in the underworld, the netherspehere, the promised land; where you go when you die. It's a big circular world full of skyscrapers that fold in on themselves. Pretty cool, actually.

The Doctor tells Clara to buck up and give him some attitude. She can't be walking around with the melting face.

There are tanks all over the building with bodies in varying states of decomposition. They are at 3W. Death is not an end. They can help with that. At 3W, afterlife means after care.

Missy steps out of the giant 3W. The Doctor says they're just browsing. Missy pins The Doctor up against the wall and plants a giant kiss on him followed by some little ones. The official welcoming package is making out, apparently. Missy tells him she's a mobile something unit. 

Doctor Chang offers them condolences and takes them to find their dead person. Missy laughs smugly.

SEB asks Danny about killing people. He explains the netherspehere as not an afterlife, but more life than he was expecting. Like a baby who is thrust out of the canal and sent into a completely different life. Danny starts to flash back to his days as a soldier. There has been a request to meet him and it's been given importance. There is a little boy at the door. Both the boy and Danny have tears in their eyes.

The bodies in the tanks are not decomposing. They're in x-ray water.

Doctor Chang prepares to tell The Doctor and Clara about what 3W does. He says if there was a recent loss, they might not want to hear about it, as it's far more disturbing than one imagines.

Danny is sitting with the boy. He reaches out to touch him and he runs off screaming. Danny doesn't understand why the boy wanted to see him when a scream rings out. "Probably someone who left their body to science," SEB says.

Chang is sharing how the institute came into being. A doctor heard white noise and thought the voices he pulled out were voices of the dead. The Doctor asks if the guy was an idiot. Chang carries on about the device that was created and the three disturbing words all of the voices were saying. Don't cremate me.

SEB explains that even though you're in a new body, your body remains connected to your old body and you feel everything that it feels. That's why Danny is cold. He's in the morgue. Danny gets another call. It's Clara.

The Doctor thinks it's a bunch of bunk. Just then, Missy claps her hands and the skeletons (?) start to stand up. A call comes in from Danny. He and Clara talk. The Doctor wonders who would harvest dead bodies. He feels like he's missing something obvious. He goes off with Chang while Clara continues her call with Danny.

Clara has to ask Danny some questions.

Missy asks humankind to bring out her dead. The dead people are standing. Chang is surprised. Chang tells her that's his boss, not a a droid. Missy starts to tell Chang goodbye. She's sick. She proceeds to murder Doctor Who. The skeletons are Cybermen.

Missy informs The Doctor that the people who live in the nethersphere think they're in the afterlife.

Missy is the Time Lady. The one he left for dead. Did he think she'd never find her way back?

Clara wants to find Danny, but he has to say something that only Danny would know to say. She threatens that if he says I love you again she will switch that thing off. He says it again. He doesn't want her to find him. He breaks down and cries.

SEB has an answer to all of Danny's difficult emotions. He can press delete which does... what?

Clara is in the office with one of the Cybermen. When she screams for The Doctor, all of the Cybermen come to life. The Doctor screams to the people in the streets of London to run away as the Cybermen come out.

Missy is The Master. 

As Danny's hand hovers over the delete button, the little boy shows up behind him as can be witnessed in the screen.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

You told me once what it would take to destroy a TARDIS key. That's what's so good about lava. All seven from all of your hiding places.


Danny I will never say those words again, not to anybody else. Ever. Those words from me are yours now.