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A series of flashbacks reveal that Jeff Colby and Fallon's goes back to high school dances at fourteen which is when his relationship with Blake became so strained.

Alexis has taken a huge interest in Jeff and tries to help him get his life back on track even though he'd rather have nothing to do with her. 

Eventually, she reveals her motive by telling him the truth about why Blake hates him so much. "You're one of them, she says before explaining that them means he's a Carrington. 

Fallon learns that Culhane's father is sick because of a water contamination in Clarke Country caused by Carrington Atlantic. 

She teams-up with Cristal to find the recorder he used to blackmail her into silence to, in turn, blackmail him into telling the truth. 

However, before they can even put it to good use, someone leaks the intel to the press. 

That someone we later find out was none other than Alexis Carrington. 

Blake thinks it's Cristal since he announces that Fallon will be taking over the role as COO of CA during a press release. 

Cristal and Fallon are both blindsided, but Fallon accepts the position explaining that she'll be able to do more damage from the inside. 

As her last act as running COO, Alexis persuades Culhane to get a job with the Carringtons again so that he too could take them down from the inside. 

Meanwhile, Sammy Jo finds wedding planning without his fiancee to be pretty depressing but it's nothing compared to the realization that your fiancee isn't actually in DC like he said he was. 

Sammy wonders if Steven is cheating, but Steven is too busy looking for the first-born Carrington, Adam, in El Paso. 

After gifting what seemed to be Adam's sister with a hefty sum of money, a man claiming to be his brother knocks on his door. 

Hoping to give Sammy some relationship advice, Anders tells him he was once married and that he has a daughter named Kirby. 

He tries to muster up the courage to call Kirby, who is studying in Australia, but even the alcohol doesn't give him the confidence to say hello when she finally does answer. 

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Is this what happens when you marry a rich guy? Does he just assume that you're gonna be his house-husband? Him away on business trips while I'm stuck with the twins' runny noses and gossipy private school moms until eventually, I get my real estate license just to feel some sort of purpose.


Blake's always wanted to tear your family apart and now he's done exactly that. We can't let him win.