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Dynasty kicks off with an energetic work-out set from 80s Barbies, Alexis Carrington, which grosses everyone out at breakfast. 

Fallon and her faux-husband admit that they've developed feelings for each other that they'd like to explore so he asks her on a date. 

She thinks they'll go to some lavish restaurant, but he changes it up by offering to cook. 

As she heads to "date night," Alexis interrupts her to let her know that Culhane's father is on her deathbed. She doesn't trust Liam and knows it will mess with Fallon's head because even if she likes him, she loves Culhane. 

Fallon attempts to do date night, which is a six-course tasting menu with wine from different geographical regions but excuses herself to rush to Culhane's side. 

Alexis offers to drive and tries to bond with her daughter on the way there. 

When Fallon gets to the hospital, Culhane's mother tells her to stay away and let her son focus on his last moments with his father. 

Meanwhile, Alexis stops Culhane outside and tells him that Fallon loves him. 

When Fallon exits, she walks right by him without even acknowledging him. 

The next day, she apologizes to Liam for ditching him for another man and offers to make it up to him by taking him to the La Perla fashion event. 

Liam is hesitant and tries desperately to keep a low profile during the event. 

However, that proves to be impossible when a drunk Colby approaches Fallon and starts airing their dirty laundry. 

Earlier in the episode, Fallon sent Sammy Jo and her lawyers to a board meeting but found Colby in a drunk and broken state. 

As Colby gets more aggressive, Liam pushes him away. 

A fight almost ensues but Colby is so messed up, he pukes on Sammy's shoes and then slips and falls in his own throw-up. 

Talk about a viral moment. 

The fashion designer recognizes Liam as Jack Lowden, a journalist who got a seven-figure deal for a tell-all book about a dysfunctional and wealthy family. 

She tells Fallon who confronts him about it. After being betrayed, she puts an end to their marriage without even letting him explain. 

He gives the manuscript, which he doesn't plan to publish, to Alexis and confesses it wasn't about the Carringtons, it was about his own family. 

Of course, Alexis doesn't tell Fallon the truth but rather, burns the manuscript.

She then pays Colby a visit who has continued his binger and tells him to get in shape. "We have work to do."

Cristal tries to make Blake do the right thing and come clean about Carrington Atlantic poisoning people in the 16th District, namely Culhane's father. 

He's hesitant but she assures him they need to get ahead of this before it cripples the business. 

They both go on-record with the company lawyer but the next day, he advises them that they need to test the chemicals before they can go public which Cristal realizes is an attempt to silence her.

"This isn't over," she tells Blake but the next day, all of her papers at Carrington Atlantic are getting shredding. 

Cristal still believes she can one-up her husband but he has her on-record confessing to killing the story that exposed the truth in 2013. 

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

I thought this was Steven's going away breakfast not a retirement home revival of Flashdance.


Fallon: I need a dress. I need shoes. I need a hero.
Sammy: Yes. Yes. And hell yes!