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Monica and Jeff are putting in all the effort in an attempt to reel Fallon back into the circle of trust. 

Monica is catering to the restored friendship by taking Fallon to pilates and planning a girls night at their favorite club, Ivy House, which is shutting its doors permanently. 

Jeff's play involves offering Fallon what she really wants — a counteroffer to her initial offer. 

He tells her that he's willing to be bought out of the company if that means it will make her happy. 

When Culhane gets wind of Jeff's selflessness, he orders Sammy Jo to investigate.

Fallon catches Sammy snooping around Jeff's computer and isn't pleased with Culhane. When she confronts him, he tries to convince her that Jeff is up to no good. Why would he all of a sudden be so willing to give up his share of the company?

Culhane is right! Jeff is up to no good; he wants revenge on all of the Carrington's for putting his father, Cecil, in prison under the guise that he was dealing drugs. 

Just as Blake took everything from him, Jeff wants to take everything from Blake, including his daughter and then, his company. 

Jeff proves that he'll do whatever it takes for his father, who is up for parole. 

Cecil warns his son not to get his hopes up since he's been up for parole a few other times and each time, the Carrington's "found a way" to keep him locked up. 

Not this time, Jeff tells him. Except he's wrong. The day before the hearing, as Cecil is cleaning the cells, a prison guard who Ander's paid off, stabs himself and accuses the prisoner. 

Cecil is upset and rightfully so, but Jeff promises to fix it. 

He approaches the Board of Parole Commissioner for help. Initially, she's hesitant to offer up any help, even acting shocked when Jeff tries to bribe her.

"Everyone has a price," he slyly tells her. 

Turns out, her price is a steamy hook-up with the billionaire music mogul. Yep, Jeff actually stooped to sleeping with someone in power to help his father gain freedom!

The Commissioner came through overruling Cecil's rejected parole. 

In the end, Cecil walked out a free man much to Blake's dismay. 

After Rick brought the case to Cristal's attention, she confronted Blake about his involvement in setting up an innocent man. He explained that Cecil tried to kill him after accusing him of having an affair with his wife.

"Did you," Cristal asked to which he replied, "of course not."

At this point, these two are playing a game of "he said, he said," but we'll find out the truth eventually.

During girls night, Fallon revealed that she bought Ivy House for Monica, who always dreamt of being a club owner. "No strings attached," she promised. 

Monica did her duty, telling Fallon that Jeff was thinking of proposing to her. 

Fallon confronted her ex about it and Jeff confessed, dropping down to one knee and proposing. 

"Take your time," he told her when she hesitated to give him an answer. 

The next morning, Fallon agreed to marry him. But, don't worry, she's not completely out of the loop. 

After she said 'yes,' she went to visit Culhane and revealed that he was right — Jeff and Monica are playing her. 

Sammy Jo tried to route her calls and instead, routed Jeff's voicemail box to her phone where she overheard Monica's shady message. 

Meanwhile. Cristal and Blake disagreed about Steven's run for City Council. 

Blake wasn't supportive because he believed the media would dig up all the dirt on Steven's past thus incriminating the Carrington's and his company. 

Cristal agreed and advised Steven to own his mistakes. 

She tapped Rick for an exclusive interview about his run in which Steven addressed his prior drug issues and the fact that he's a Carrington.

And while it may seem like Blake and Cristal's marriage is stronger than ever, she gave into her temptation and made out with Rick, who she definitely has some history with. 

Steven was convinced everything was going to be just fine after the interview, but then he walked into his apartment where Ted just committed suicide.

Before he jumped, he told Sammy Jo that he was going to take him and Steven down with him, then pulled his earring out so it looked like there was a scuffle.

Will Steven be able to run now that he's involved in a murder-suicide?


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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Daddy, don't be so so old-fashioned. A couple more felonies and he could be President.


Blake: Well, your not gay are you?
Steven: Worse. I've decided to run for City Council.