Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Nothing But Trouble

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Part of me really wishes that fans gave Dynasty a real shot. 

The series never had much of a chance because everyone rode it off as "not living up to the original."

Yet, Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13 proves that the series finally found it's footing and has the potential to be as shiny and addictive as predecessor Gossip Girl.

Declaring Her Independence - Dynasty

Fallon Carrington is a pretty decent rival to elite Blair Waldorf, don't you think?

Steven finally gets an upgrade from Fallon's lackey slash "dude who snorts cocaine and sleeps around" to City Council candidate. That's a big step up! 

How has his potential remained untapped for so long? As the only moral compass in that family, they should have utilized him to improve their image a long time ago. 

Daddy, don't be so so old-fashioned. A couple more felonies and he could be President.


Given our current political climate, Steven is far more honest and good than what we have in office. He definitely stands a chance.

But first, he has to win over his audience by being completely transparent.

Cristal knows from first-hand experience that every single secret and lie will catch up to you; it's better to get out in front of it and own it than to have it used against you. 

Which is why she goes against Blake's wishes to help Steven at all costs, even looping Rick Morales.

Okay, part of it probably also has to do with the fact that she can spend more time with her old flame.

Your Running For Office? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13

From the get-go, it was obvious these two had some kind of passionate history. Keyword being 'history.' I assumed that after all that went down with her sister and almost losing Blake because of her secrets, Cristal would never sabotage herself again. 

So, of course, she proved me wrong. 

Cristal acted on the sexual tension without revealing a clear gameplan.

It makes her look like a complete hypocrite considering she just took down the Senator on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 12 by exposing his multiple dalliances.

I almost feel like she got the "go ahead" from Blake to manipulate Rick using sex. 

Blake: Well, your not gay are you?
Steven: Worse. I've decided to run for City Council.

There was something very off about his "I'm glad to have you in my corner" comment. 

Maybe if she has the political reporter in her bed, she'll be able to control him at every turn, especially when he tries to turn against them.

The definition of "Carrington" is actually 'control.' Bible. I Googled it.

Rick has positioned himself between the power players in Atlanta. He will do anything for a good story and that includes playing both teams, but he doesn't realize is that he's probably the one getting played.

Colby's father was right, the Carrington's do always find a way. 

For now, Jeffy Colby is riding on his high-horse thinking that he's finally beaten the player at his own game.

"I outsmarted Blake and Fallon." I can hear him smugly saying it. 

Why Are You Lying? - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13

He clearly underestimated Culhane, who has learned a thing or two by working for the Carrington's. 

Immediately after Fallon told him Colby is selling his shares of the company, he was onto him. 

So now, the face-off isn't just Blake vs. Jeff, it's also Jeff and Monica vs. Fallon and Culhane. I couldn't be more excited about the latter team-up, especially because Culhane just proved his loyalty to her, in addition to saying 'I love you.'

Please don't fire me! This job is really important for my self-esteem.


It won't be long before they figure out that Jeff wants revenge for his father, who was just released from prison. 

I couldn't help but feel frustrated with how blatantly Jeff was using Fallon for his own gain.

Holding a grudge against Blake is one thing. Trying to take down his company is understandable. But ruining his daughter in the process? That's not something I can get behind. Especially because we don't really know who is telling the truth here. 

So suck it up, smile and drink some Dom.


Did Blake really have an affair with Colby's mother? Did he set him up and land him in jail? Did Colby's father really try to kill Blake?

Currently, it's all a "he said, she said," so I can't stand behind anything Colby is doing, especially since Fallon has only ever been good to him. 

Now that she knows that her fiancee and her bestie are playing her, what is she going to do to retaliate?

Blake and Anders paying off that prison guard to stab himself and set-up Cecil was low, but if he's really as dangerous as they say, maybe for the better. 

We Got You Dad - Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13

Personally, I think he manipulated his kids after seeing how eager they were to save him and make the family whole again.

The look on his face when he walked out as a free man did not look like someone who was ready to start a life on the right path, I'm just saying. 

Just when it seemed like Sammy Jo and Steven were coming into the light, something had to set them back. And the setback was Ted... again! 

I can't say that I feel any type of way after he killed himself. He was annoying and didn't enhance Steven's character in any way. 

Come on, you don't need a job when you have a Carrington.


I am, however, upset that before jumping to his death, he decided to take down Sammy and Steven with him. 

What's the point? Why did he hate them both so much?

Now, Steven's name will be dragged through the mud as will Sammy's. There go his chances at City Council where he could have actually done something good. 

Of course, Blake will be too eager to play the "told you card." 

Let's just hope Cristal can get her new boy toy to clean this one up. 

Dynasty is taking a little break and will return on a brand new night on Friday, March 9th. Be sure to watch Dynasty online and leave your comments below! 

Nothing But Trouble Review

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Dynasty Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Daddy, don't be so so old-fashioned. A couple more felonies and he could be President.


Blake: Well, your not gay are you?
Steven: Worse. I've decided to run for City Council.