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Fallon is throwing a fit after learning that Blake lied to her about Mack's murder. She's upset that she defended a man who committed murder. 

Anders interrupts because he needs Fallon's help locating Kirby who told her dad not to come looking for her as she commits to Joel's cult, Synergy. 

Everyone gathers to devise a plan to save Kirby. 

Their best option is to have Adam pose as a doctor to get inside the compound. Fallon comes along as his nurse, but when they refuse to let her in, she informs them that she's also his wife. 

She locates Kirby who tells her she's perfectly happy here and it's her own decision. 

Later at the ceremony, Fallon interrupts to sing a song with her brother-husband, Adam. 

When Kirby interrupts her, Fallon comes clean about who she is, which gets her and Adam kicked out. 

She realizes that she didn't even consider that this is what Kirby wanted and sneaks back in to apologize. 

As she and Adam get ready to leave, Kirby joins them because "it's her decision." 

Meanwhile, at the Manor, Blake is throwing a Freedom yacht-party to get back into the good graces of his sailing friends. 

When his plan to just ask to regain membership fails, he uses blackmail before introducing the biggest yacht in the harbor, aptly titled "Freedom."

Cristal needs time to heal and move on from the past. She visits the site where Mark was killed and she lost the baby to work through her trauma and finds a bullet with a Carrington engraving on it. 

She hunts down the owner of the bullet and realizes Alexis is the reason she lost a child. 

The two get into a fight in the lily pond, a recreation of an iconic scene from the original series, and Cristal promises to make Alexis pay.

She then informs Blake that he killed an innocent man for her. 

Jeff Colby shares Culhane his remaining shares of Atlantix making him he majority owner. 

Culhane needs to schmooze some corporate people for stadium naming rights, and Sammy suggest his boyfriend handle the PR aspect. 

Since they had a date planned, Sammy tags along as a faux investor. Everyone's having a good old time until Sammy finds out everyone is just here for the ride and no one plans on giving any money to the team.

When Culhane confronts them, they admit it's because the stadium is in a bad area. 

Culhane tells them off in a now-viral video and has fans clamoring to name the stadium with their donations. 

Colby begins to see the first signs of neurotoxicity. 

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

That, my dear, is baby eel. It's considered endangered globally but not in my house.


Adam: The ceremony? Is it like a barbecue?
Fallon: I don't know. Let's hope they're serving pork ribs and not handmaid's tale.