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Blake's experiencing terrible nightmares after finding out that Alexis was to blame for Mack's death and Cristal's miscarriage. 

Cristal is angry, but Blake tells her to move on. She attempts to by calling in self-help guru. 

When that doesn't work, Cristal goes to see a professional who tells her she has to confront Alexis. 

She does, but it doesn't have the desired effect. Alexis isn't sorry for what she did, which fuels Cristal's rage even more. 

The next day, she tells Blake that she's moving on and breaking the cycle, but she calls her brother and puts a hit on Alexis. 

Meanwhile, Blake tries to take his mind off of things by purchasing every company he can. 

Eventually, he realizes he wants to restore his legacy and decides to acquire the only empire that's ever mattered -- Carrington Atlantic. 

Alexis and Jeff have been scheming a way to get revenge on Blake. 

She suggests getting Adam to help, but Jeff opposes without giving a reason. She ignores his protests and makes Adam think that Blake is going to kick him out of the Manor. 

Adam caves and declares his allegiance to Alexis. 

She "Parent Trap's" them both into working together, which doesn't sit well with Jeff who tells her Adam poisoned him and he's still sick from it. 

Alexis slaps Adam and tells him he can join their team if he proves that he won't betray them. 

Adam agrees and films a confession stating that he poisoned Colby with the intent of killing him. 

Fallon spends much of the episode attempting to get her streaming service off the ground to beat Blake and get out from under his shadow. 

When she learns that he also bought a streaming company, she ups her game and hijacks Culhane's halftime show at the Atlantix to impress the Spanish company that she's hoping to merge with. 

The show goes incredibly wrong with the fireworks setting Sammy on fire, who agreed to be the mascot for the night. 

Culhane's upset that she delayed his game, and Fletcher is mad at his "boyfriend" Sam for messing up his PR event. 

Fletcher also explains that he's hurt because Sammy cringes at the thought of the word boyfriend. 

The next day, Sammy stops by Fletcher's house to apologize and tells him he's ready. He hears another man call Fletcher "baby," and realizes that his man is in a relationship. 

Fallon apologizes to Culhane and informs him that she'll buy the naming rights to the stadium. 

Kirby and Adam get close and share a dinner together. 

When he's not looking, she "accidentally" drops her earring. What is she up to?

Jeff and Alexis' plan to destroy Blake is revealed as it turns out the room Adam bugged belonged to someone at the head of Carrington Atlantic and the dirt they have on him has now convinced him to sell the company to them. 

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Alexis is like a whack-a-mole game. You knock her down, she just pops up somewhere else. It's a waste of our time and our energy. So we just ignore her.


I didn't know you had a streaming service. Or is this just your Netflix account? Which, by the way, stop changing your password.