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The episode picks up right where we left off in 2019 -- both Adam and Liam are hanging off the barn at the recently scorched winery. 

Adam reaches over and pulls Liam to safety before falling to the ground and breaking a few ribs. 

Fallon confronts him about what he did to Liam, but Liam tells her to let it go for now while they deal with Blake's murder trial. 

Meanwhile, at the courtroom, everyone is shocked by the arrival of Alexis Colby and her new husband, Jeff Colby. 

Alexis takes the stand to testify against Blake in the trial, but Blake's confident she doesn't have any proof against him.

However, Alexis believes she does when she says that she saw Blake strangling Mack while taking a hot bath. 

Blake immediately puts a plan into action, but Fallon suggests they look into her planner to see what she had on the agenda for that day. 

Fallon pays Alexis and Colby a visit and sneaks into her room and cracks open her safe. 

She realizes she had an appointment that day, so she tracks down the woman, Becky. 

Becky comes by to give Fallon a spray tan and informs her that every spray tan takes 4 hours. Plus, you can't take a bath afterwards. 

The next day, Blake's attorney questions Alexis and proves that she was lying based on Fallon's findings. 

Blake also puts his plan into action in case Fallon's doesn't work. Cristal ambushes a juror in the bathroom and threatens harm if she doesn't vote Blake as innocent. 

The juror reports it to the judge and remembers the woman had on red shoes. Just then, the Cristal walks in wearing red shoes, but when the judge calls her to the stand, she's wearing white shoes and thus, the juror gets dismissed. 

The jury deliberates for hours and eventually, they arrive at a "hung jury."

On his way out, Anders slips the interim juror a wad of cash. Meanwhile, Blake celebrates his freedom.

Alexis informs Fallon that she just helped a murderer and destroyed an innocent person. 

Fallon draws up fake papers from Mack's estate and when she shows them to Cristal, she confesses to Blake's murder. 

Alexis "accidentally" shoves Dominique down the stairs after the ladies quibble all day about her marriage to Colby. 

Dominique claims she fears for her life and goes back to New York. 

Adam tries to apologize to his father for burning down his winery, but Blake's not having any of it.

He doesn't even want the additional land that Adam bought for him using his whole life's savings. 

He kicks him out of the Manor, so Adam takes up residence in Alexis' old loft. 

Sam invites Fletcher on a date and fires him so they can be together.

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You change your loyalty as often as you change your face.


Fallon: In the meantime, we'll be sure to send the police over to arrest you for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.
Liam: It was a flower pot, Fallon.
Fallon: Yeah, but a deadly one.