An Unexpected Guest - Dynasty
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Fallon Carringotn gears up to do her community service. 

When everyone in the family assumes she's going to use her privilege and pay someone off, Fallon becomes more determined than ever to atone for her crimes. 

She prepares for a day of teaching the underprivileged youth to play tennis, but is in for a shock when she arrives at the valet-less location only to be tasked with cleaning up and planting a garden. 

Fallon manages to do an impressive job, but when she comes back the next day, all her work is ruined. 

Her "manager" blames the raccoons, but later at a Halloween party, Fallon discovers that it was Adam sabotaging her. 

Fed up with her deranged brother, she pushes him into a huge cake while CEO's from Blake's company look on in horror. 

They believe they've seen everything that proves the family is unstable, but Cristal saves the day by propositioning to take over the interim CEO title. 

Cristal also helps Blake get out of jail by pulling strings with the Warden and securing some private time for the two of them. 

She slips Blake a little knife, which Blake uses to pay off one of the inmates to stab him. 

A second attack on his life convinces the judge that Blake's in danger and needs to be on house arrest. 

Fallon returns to the gardening sight to finish her work and sees Evan Tate, Trixie's brother, there. 

She realizes she was wrong about Adam sabotaging her -- it was Evan. 

Evan admits that he's furious with how leniant Fallon's punishment was and eventually, she agrees. 

Fallon explains that she's carried the guilt of Trixie's death with her for years and hoped this would help her alleviate some of that pain, Evan realizes she too has suffered. 

The two apologize to each other and Evan begins to lean in for a kiss when Fallon stops it by telling him she has a fiancee. 

Yeah, let's not forget about Liam. 

Sammy's hotel is on the line now that the National Historical Alliance wants to honor a Bernard, a homophobe. 

Sam arranges a meeting with the alliance's President hoping to convince her not to make his hotel a national landmark but no luck because the President is Melissa, the woman who lied about Steven being the father of her baby. 

Melissa's candidacy is up for re-election, which is why she needs a 'W' so badly. 

She doesn't care that Sammy is a gay man or that this could negatively affect his hotel. 

Sam tries to stop her by destroying her plaque, but eventually, they come to a compromise; she gets the landmark status, he gets a "must-stay" title for his hotel. 

Dominique attempts to get access to Jeff's trust as Monica begins asking more questions about Jeff's disappearance and why the cops aren't investigating Adam. 

When Culhane sees Dominique sneaking around Jeff's office, he informs Monica, who realizes her mother roofied her so she'd miss a meeting with the police chief. 

Monica drags her mother to the Carrington Halloween party, where Jeff surprises her.

Will Dominique go away for good?

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Cristal: Count me out. I'm definitely not partying while Blake is in jail.
Fallon: Really? Seems like the perfect time to me. Oh, don't go all wicked stepmother on me now.

Adam: I heard about your visit with father.
Fallon: Don't be jealous. It wasn't conjugal.