Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Wild Ghost Chase

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Who would have thought that we'd ever see Fallon rock a highlighter-orange vest and get her hands dirty in a garden?

There's a first time for everything.

Fallon leveled up on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3, and it's a welcome change for the socialite who has never done manual labor in her life. 

An Unexpected Guest - Dynasty

Fallon is the show's strongest character, but she's even better when she's owning up to her mistakes and learning necessary lessons. 

Seeing her take responsibility for her actions when she very easily could have paid someone off offers a change of pace for the character and her development. 

But what's even better is that while atoning for her crimes, Fallon realized that the punishment, much like Evan pointed out, didn't fit the crime. 

Cristal: Count me out. I'm definitely not partying while Blake is in jail.
Fallon: Really? Seems like the perfect time to me. Oh, don't go all wicked stepmother on me now.

Still, the weak punishment didn't make her desire to pay the price any less valuable. 

Fallon wanted to prove not only to herself but to everyone that doubted her that she would fulfill her community service hours. 

While other people take the easy way out, Fallon was trying to become a better person and ease her guilt.

Working on the Hotel  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3

Even the best people sometimes slip up just like Evan, Trixie's brother, who purposefully ruined Fallon's garden to teach her a lesson. 

His anger was understandable; he lost his sister and the only punishment granted upon Fallon was to pull some weeds and plant some daisies. 

All along, Evan just wanted to know that Fallon was truly sorry for what she'd done and that she understood how much pain it caused Trixie's family. 

Once he saw that she did, he realized the error of his way. 

Nothing good comes of stooping down to someone else's level. 

Now, if they'd just ended Evan's storyline with Fallon right here it would have been great, but instead they needed to push it further to an almost liplock. 


She's Back - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3

This love-triangle, we don't want it. 

You can keep it. 

Fallon's relationship with Liam is already in such a fragile state that there's no need to add any additional bumps in the road. 

Evan can see himself out of Fallon's life because her heart belongs to Liam. There, I said it. 

Blake weaseled his way out of jail because that's the Carrington way.

Adam: I heard about your visit with father.
Fallon: Don't be jealous. It wasn't conjugal.

Cristal's been proving her worth more and more. By securing a "private room" she was able to slip Blake a little knife, which came in handy when he paid off an inmate to stab him.

Realistically, a judge would have likely put Blake in an isolated cell rather than under house arrest, but for the sake of drama, we're rolling with it. 

In addition to giving Blake a get out of jail card, Cristal also replaced Adam as the interim CEO of the winery. 

Cristal's feud with Adam is ever more enjoyable than his feud with Fallon. 

Strike a Deal  - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3

Don't mess with the Carrington women. 

The fact that everyone is on the same page when it comes to Adam might be the best outcome of the episode. 

No one trusts him, no one believes him, and Blake (finally) agrees that he's obsessed with sabotaging Fallon. 

Adam's days are numbered, especially once Liam remembers what really happened. 

Fallon puts up a good fight against Adam, but the reason she isn't winning or one step ahead of him is because she's not nearly as deranged as he is. 

Fallon fights back, but Adam instigates out of pure enjoyment. 

Adam's dangerous, but until now, he's had Blake's support.

Big Steps - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3

If he realizes he doesn't have his father in his corner anymore, there's no telling what he'll do or how he'll react. 

For now, he made sure Laura took Liam to her house after getting discharged from the hospital to ensure that Fallon couldn't go anywhere near him. 

But when has a restraining order ever stopped Fallon Carrington?

Cristal: I want the same level of authority as Adam. As your wife, I should have a say in the family business. Give me power, and I promise our dynasty will flourish.
Blake: Well then congrats on your promotion, Mrs. Carrington.

She's going to get her man one way or another.

And seeing how she handled gardening duty, I have no doubt she'll think of something only Fallon could pull off.

Even with amnesia, Liam needs to realize that only a girl who is madly in love with him would go to such extreme lengths. 

As far as Halloween episodes go, this one didn't top my list.  

The cake fight was epic and well-deserved -- Adam needs to get shoved into a cake at least once an episode -- but the Halloween party was one of the Carringtons' tamer ones. 

Getting Ready - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3

And that's probably because Dominique's storyline isn't compelling. 

Her only motivation has been money. 

She helped fake her son's death because she wanted money from Blake, and then she kept the lie going to steal Jeff's money. 

And to think she had the power to destroy Adam. If only she'd left behind the cufflink. 

There's been a lot of ugly-natured humans on this series, but Dominique takes the cake.

She managed to do so much damage that even the children, who were willing to give her a second chance, wanted nothing to do with her. 

Dominique wasn't impressive as a "villain," but I doubt we're done with her just yet. 

We still have a lot to learn about her -- where'd she come from, who her "real" family is. 

Jeff's return was epic, but I didn't expect him to be gone for too long. 

Sammy's hotel drama was a doozy. If you watch Dynasty online, you know it wasn't a pleasure to see Melissa again after all the hurt she caused Steven and Sam. 

The compromise he made with her is going to come back and bite him because otherwise, they wouldn't have made it into such a big deal. 

Off With Their Heads - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3

The hotel may be on the "must-see" list, but people are going to turn on Sammy once they see a gay man supporting a bigoted homophobe. 

That's definitely not the message or vibe Sammy wants to put out there. 

Liam sat this episode out, but his storyline will ramp up soon. I talked to Adam Huber about what the future holds for #Falliam, his amnesia, and getting revenge on Adam, so if you want the scoop about what's coming up, you've got to check it out

What did you think of the episode?

Will Evan become a permanent addition in Fallon's life?

Will Sammy regret his decision to honor the landmark status of his hotel?

How will Jeff and Monica make their mother pay?


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Wild Ghost Chase Review

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Cristal: Count me out. I'm definitely not partying while Blake is in jail.
Fallon: Really? Seems like the perfect time to me. Oh, don't go all wicked stepmother on me now.

Adam: I heard about your visit with father.
Fallon: Don't be jealous. It wasn't conjugal.