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Alexis and Dominique are trapped in a mine and try to find a way out, but they realize they are stuck.

Dom believes her son will look for her and she sets out to prove to Alexis that they are loved by their kids.

As they have a lot of back and forth, they realize they are very similar to one another, and have been fighting for the wrong reasons.

Jeff and Fallon realize they are missing and they are rescued pretty quickly after.

Fallon and Blake work together to get Fallon Unlimited registered as an IPO, but a new arrival in the form of Corinne tells them there are some hurdles.

Liam realizes the woman knows more about his father than she's letting on, so he goes on a mission that puts him on the outs with Fallon.

Ultimately, Fallon chooses her love for Liam over the company and Liam learns his father was a part of a sketchy deal and he went missing shortly after.

Corinne approves Fallon Unlimited as an IPO.

Jeff and Culhane continue to battle over Mia, but she says she does not want a good friendship to implode because of her decisions and ends things with them.

Adam tells Cristal the mass is huge and that it's taking up a big part of her brain, leading Cristal to question her future.

Kirby gets close to her ex at the hotel and Sam tries to talk her out of it.


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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Corinne: You wouldn't believe what some CEO types try to ply me with.
Liam: Fancy seafood, pricey vintages of champagne, live lobster.
Fallon: Point made, darling.
Corinne: And more, which is why it's been so pleasant to just catch up with an old friend.
Fallon: Well, now that we're all old friends, I do have a tiny little request to run by you. Of course, I don't want to cross any lines.
Corinne: I assume you want my help moving along your SEC review.
Fallon: Okay, you didn't tell me your friend was a mind reader, Liam.
Corinne: I saw your prospectus come through this morning. It's just impeccable.
Fallon: So, it's a yes, then.
Corinne: No, I can't get to it for at least two months. My dense card is quite packed with companies these days.
Fallon: But their applications can't be as good as mine, right? I mean, you said impeccable.
Corinne: No, they're not, especially not the one I'm working on right now.
Fallon: Oh, it's a tech company, I bet? Millenials are the laziest.
Corinne: More infomercial than anything, but I can't talk about it.
Fallon: Okay, I understand.

Liam: So, Corinne, when was the last time we saw each other?
Corinne: I know exactly when it was. Your 18th birthday.
Liam: Oh, right. My mother had too much chardonnay and fell in the pool.
Corinne: Laura was in fine form, but I remember that day as the last time I saw your father in good spirits, despite everything.
Liam: What do you mean, despite everything?
Corinne: You know, uh, everything going on with the tankers.
Liam: I'm not sure your timeline makes sense.
Corinne: Maybe we should just drop it.