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Alexis tries to get in good graces with her children, but while Fallon manages to get on with her, she finds herself struggling with Adam.

Adam finds himself questioning his mother's motives, but realizes maybe she does deserve a second chance.

However, all of it comes crashing down when Amanda arrives and reveals that she's their sibling.

Alexis apologizes and says it's not how she wanted the truth to come out. Adam says he's finished with his mother and that he's cutting her off.

Alexis asks Amanda to stay with her.

Blake goes off on his mission to work become a politician and he reels Cristal in to help him get his wish.

She goes to extreme measures, throwing applications everywhere because she's a few minutes late.

Fallon tries to get her TV network off the ground running, but she finds adversity at every corner.

She asks for more details about a deal with Nene, but she is not interested.

Fallon wants to poach Dom, but she has to play it right.

It all blows up in Fallon's face.

Liam tries to get ready for his event but Fallon is too preoccupied and Eva winds up helping him with a suit.

She also gives him a good luck charm, which allows him to win -- or so he thinks.

Culhane and Sam continue to worry about Leo's death.

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Alexis: I find it hilarious he thinks he can win. He's got more skeletons in his closet than a Halloween outlet.
Fallon: Doesn't everybody in this family?

Alexis: I wanted to tell you that Amanda is your secret sister.
Adam: She's our secret sister?