On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19, Adam and Liam work together to save Blake and Anders who are stuck in a Moldavian prison. Will they find a way to bring them home?

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On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19, after getting thrown into a Moldavian prison, Blake and Anders wait for someone to come rescue them. Liam and Adam put aside their differences to help break them free. Will their efforts result in success?

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On Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19, Adam and Liam rush to the aid of Blake and Anders, and Fallon faces legal repercussions for advice "Aunt Alexis" gives a listener.

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Adam: The UN advises all international rescue groups not to go to Moldavia. Private security won't even go there.
Cristal: So what makes you think you can do it?
Adam: Look, look, we're not going there to fight. We're simply going there to casually break in and...
Adam and Liam: unkidnap...
Adam: two innocent people.

Cristal: I think we should tell Fallon.
Adam: Yeah, have you met Fallon? In like three minutes she's going to have the CIA, IDF, several small armies swarming Moldavia, basically starting World War III.
Liam: She does tend to go big.