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Blake and Anders are trapped in a dungeon in Moldavia after attempting to steal back their Carrington Atlantic oil. 

The pilot notified the family, so naturally, Adam pulled in Liam and the two decided to "unkidnap" Blake and Anders. 

Cristal was hesitant and suggested they tell Fallon, but Liam and Adam were adamant that this needed to be a discreet rescue mission. 

Liam was confident since his family has done business in Moldavia before and had a contact who supplied him with the palace blueprints and promised to get them inside. 

Sammy overheard Liam gearing up to get to the jet and inquired about where he was headed. 

Liam lied saying he was scouting locations for his bachelor party, and Sammy snuck onto the plane. 

When he realized it wasn't a boys trip, he was pretty upset. 

Adam and Liam told him to wait in the plane while they went to retrieve Blake and Anders, so Sammy got high and began hallucinating his childhood hero, Danny Trejo. 

Trejo encouraged Sammy to be brave and go save his friends, which resulted in Sammy sneaking into the palace, crawling through the vents, and eventually dropping into the dungeon where they were now keeping Blake, Anders, Liam, and Adam. The two got caught almost immediately when Liam's "contact" betrayed them. 

Everyone successfully crawled back up the vents except for Adam, who stayed behind and came up with the brilliant plan to steal one of the guards' uniforms and sneak out. 

On their way back to Atlanta, Adam realized that Blake could have secured their freedom by giving up the oil. They sacrificed their lives for his greed. 

St. Adam died at that moment and "crazy Adam" made a comeback vowing to get revenge on his father by accepting the position at Carrington Atlantic. 

In its first few episodes, Ask Alexis got sued by a fan who took her advice literally and got injured in a car crash. 

Fallon attempted to avoid a PR nightmare, and her old friend Evan popped by offering up some legal advice -- settle with the woman. 

Alexis refused and went to Joyce Doyle's apartment instead to reason with her. Fallon followed and the two got into a quibble. They accidentally kicked Joyce, who landed on her broken arm and didn't scream out in pain. 

Fallon and Alexis confronted her and she admitted to making up the whole thing for money. 

Fallon realized her mother actually gives pretty good advice. 

When she told Evan that the situation resolved itself, he still tried to ask her out on a date. She let him down gently, and Evan called up Joyce revealing that he conspired with her so that he could be Fallon's "hero." 

Culhane attempted to get revenge on Dominique and Vanessa for using him for their reality show. 

During negotiations for season 2, Dominique made a long list of demands after speaking with another producer who pitched her a talk show and said she could become the next Oprah. 

Of course, producers pulled out of the reality TV show leaving them with no deal. 

Dominique went by her "producers" office only to find Kirby sitting there, and Culhane proud of how he bamboozled the two of them.

Upon arriving back in Atlanta, Blake gifted Anders, his most loyal employee, with a beachfront New Zealand restaurant for when he retires. 

Things with Cristal didn't go as smoothly. She was feeling guilty for sleeping with Caleb and told Blake she needed some time to figure things out. 

Then, she packed up her bags and walked out on him. 

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Adam: The UN advises all international rescue groups not to go to Moldavia. Private security won't even go there.
Cristal: So what makes you think you can do it?
Adam: Look, look, we're not going there to fight. We're simply going there to casually break in and...
Adam and Liam: unkidnap...
Adam: two innocent people.

Cristal: I think we should tell Fallon.
Adam: Yeah, have you met Fallon? In like three minutes she's going to have the CIA, IDF, several small armies swarming Moldavia, basically starting World War III.
Liam: She does tend to go big.