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Killian and Corrine get ready for the grand opening at Goody's, but the original owner shows up and says he is suing. That bat they gave him was only worth $17 so therefore the sale is cancelled. He says Killian's reputation is destroyed beyond repair and leaves. Killian gets a call.

A young woman has been killed on a subway track at New Lots. A worker wants to know when service will be restored. It will take as long as it takes as there is a dead person involved. The woman on the tracks turns out to be associated with a ballet school. Killian and Morales talk to a ballet instructor and finds out the victim, Kia, was the founder of the school.

A woman claims there are psychopaths working at the station. Kee says that the woman was arrested for shoplifting and struggled and hurt her head. Regina finds out the cop involved has a lot of complaints against him.

Killian and Morales review security footage and see that Kia was shoved. Someone just tried to use her credit card.

Sandeford comes to see Suarez who says he can't tell him what will happen now. Sandeford hopes he can still be a cop.

The girl who had the credit card claims she found it. She says she only found it on the ground and she didn't touch anyone. She is arrested for criminal possession of stolen property.

Quinlan has a "sock valet" for Bentley. Sandeford wonders if he will want it.

A union trustee comes to see Regina along with Officer Filey, who claims that he was in fear of his life.  He keeps talking like he memorized a handbook and the union trustee is a nuisance. Regina says that he is constantly charging people with resisting arrest. The union trustee says Finley is a good guy who shouldn't have to face IAB. He accuses Regina of a power play against the union.

Kia's mother shows up.  Regina agrees that Kia did not slip or trip. Killian and Morales talk to Ms. Russell. Kia's purpose was to provide space for kids from East New York to dance. Her mother wants the killer punished.

There have been two more subway attacks.

Quinlan has an awkward moment when Bentley's parents are there. Brandi has plans for Bentley to come back to the projects but his parents have decided to take him to their home.

Corinne shows up and she and Tommy have a fight.

Security footage shows teenagers in masks are punching subway riders as a gang initiation. Brandi is supposed to go undercover. Morales tells her to stop thinking about Bentley and pay attention to her mission.

While watching the undercover op, Morales and Killian discuss the Goody situation.

Yenko has a business card for a Portsmouth cop. He says he talked to the cop and Finley has had a lot of complaints at his previous job but it was kept out of his personnel file because Finley's father is a lieutenant in the fire department. Regina says notify IAB.

The union trustee goes to see Suarez and complains she has it in for Finley. Suarez says maybe Finley is a problem. We can't have loose cannons. The union trustee says that Regina will lose the police community. He wants Suarez to help his side. Suarez says we'll see what happens. The union trustee says Suarez is on the shortlist for a promotion. Suarez does not want a quid pro quo.


Morales sees the teenagers on video. She notifies Quinlan who helps subdue them. One insists he was just talking to Quinlan.

One of the boys says he has a cousin in the police academy and claims he never did it. But they have alibis for Kia's murder. Yenko also finds out that IAB has declined to take the case and sent it back to them.

Goody shows up and bothers Sandeford. Corinne tries to convince him to go 50-50 with her in the bar.

Quinlan goes to Bentley's home. The kids stare at her. Bentley wants to go for a walk but she says no. Bentley says he doesn't need anything and she leaves upset.

Kee says he found a book on the tracks. It is a classic book about the Russian revolution, signed by the author. It was taken out from the library.

REgina wants Finley on the day tour so she can keep her eye on him.

At the library, a worker doesn't want to check the stacks. Morales asks about books someone might want to steal. The head librarian finds a stack of books in Albert's locker. Albert whines that the cops should have more important things to do than this. He is not cooperative while being questioned. He doesn't bother anyone and doesn't want people bothering him. He says she asked to use his phone and his bag spilled and she got in his way so he pushed her.

Regina tells Kia's mother.

Goody's has its grand opening and Corrine is disappointed that no one comes. Goody shows up and agrees to 50% including entertainment. Killian hugs him. Goody says he can help with business. He has invited a bunch of people.

At the bar, Suarez approaches Sandeford and says he wants him back in a squad car. He was able to talk the brass into giving Sandeford another chance. Union trustee shows up and says whatever he said to IA had the desired effect and that Regina is not fair or impartial. He doesn't think the unions will be happy.

Quinlan's phone rings.

Suarez tells Regina she can't move Finley. She thinks he is listening to the union trustee.

Goody and Corinne make a toast . Bentley comes in with Quinlan and they kiss in front of everyone. Regina tells Yenko she has bigger problems than them right now.




East New York
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East New York Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Worker: Do you know how long it's going to take to restore service?
Killian: We've got a dead woman here. It's gonna take as long as it takes.

Morales: What do you think is going to happen to Sandeford?
Killian: I can't think about that right now.