An Escaped Prisoner - East New York Season 1 Episode 5
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Regina is late for her birthday party. She hangs up and gets a call from a prisoner.

Bentley invites Quinlan out for drinks. She has plans to get Chinese food and go to sleep early.

The prisoner seems very creepy. He says it's a special day. He lost his appeal recently. He says his loss is a victory and he's not angry anymore. He wanted to thank her for helping him see that. He hangs up.

Quinlan hears gunshots and a lot of noise and can't sleep. She goes and asks a bunch of kids in the yard to turn down the volume. They're rude to her and keep saying she's a cop and that they won't listen. They pour alcohol near her feet and set off pop rocks. Eventually she loses her cool and starts writing everyone up.

Regina is given a cake for her birthday. Suarez shows up with a US Marshal who wants to know about the call she got from Jacobs. Suarez explains that Jacobs faked a suicide attempt and escaped. He is somewhere in East New York.

Regina says this prison break didn't happen on the fly. The EMT and ambulance driver will not be the only casualties. She is glad they are getting additional resources.

The cops are snippy with each other about being called back in. Regina explains that she collared Jacobs for the murder of a rival drug dealer. Sandeford wonders if Jacobs' ex or his young son might be helping. The US Marshal says Jacobs used his money to help community members so many see him as a good guy. They cannot rule anyone out. The cops go to put the word out on the street. Yenko says they cannot get ahold of Eva. Regina will go by the salon where she works. Suarez thinks Jacobs is after Regina. She doesn't think so and insists on working the case.  She asks Yenko to put the birthday cake away. He comments that red velvet is his favorite.

At the projects a kid rides in the hall with Brandy's underwear. Some woman informs her this is her fault and no one wants her here.

Regina questions Eva who says she stayed with a friend last night. She says she doesn't know anything. Regina decides to talk to her privately.

At Jacobs' cell, the cops find an envelope with no return address. It has photos of Drew inside. Morales says when there's a kid involved people go back to their exes. Regina doesn't think that's what happened. There is also a law book in the cell. Regina says he was trying to get his conviction overturned.  Morales finds clippings about Regina's career in the book.

Suarez and the Marshal want to pull Regina back and get her extra security. She doesn't think the articles are about her. She thinks he was trying to get info for his case.  She says the articles helped her think about who might be helping Jacobs now. There are two other people in one of the photos that Regina says have sons running their businesses now that they are out of the picture. She thinks Alex Bryd and James Moon are helping ackobs, based on a drawing on the back of a photo of Drew. The US Marshal is skeptical but Suarez thinks it makes sense. Regina wants to talk to Pastor Ray while the other cops go to talk to Byrd.

Byrd says he didn't know that Jacobs escaped and refuses to talk to the cops further. Bentley notices a box of ink and says it's passport printer ink. It's illegal to make fake passports. Sandeford says they need more than just ink to get a warrant.  He has Bentley check the dumpster.

Pastor Ray doesn't think he can help but the cops question him anyway. He says Jacobs just wanted to show him the light. There is a noise and the pastor won't let the cops check it out but they do anyway and find a body. They tell Ray he could be arrested for aiding and abetting. Regina and other copss show up and a guy starts running who turns out to be Moon, who claims they jumped him for no reason.

Meanwhile the Marshals watching Ava and Drew have been killed and Ava attacked. She says Jacobs has Drew.

The cops have got security footage from the salon. Drew appears unharmed. An Amber alert has been issued. Killian asks should they keep working the suspects. Regina walks off upset and tells Suarez she promised Ava... she says Drew was her CI. Jacobs took Drew when he murdered Sanchez. Drew witnessed the murder. He got scared and ran back to the car and Jacobs doesn't know what he saw. Ava realized she couldn't protect Drew if she didn't get rid of Jacobs and so Regina promised Drew would not get hurt if he told her what he saw. She talked to him and put the investigation together. Now Jacobs might hurt Drew and Ava might die. Suarez is sure Jacobs won't hurt Drew.

Sandeford has found a fake passport photo for Drew . He says he wants Jacobs locked back up.

Brandy is annoyed by the tip calls. She tells Morales and Killian everyone at the projects hate her. Bentley stinks but insists on eating before he changes. Morales and Killian tell her she has to fix this.

Regina tells the cops to question Moon and the pastor even though they've lawyered up. Moon isn't talking without his lawyer. Pastor Ray says his curch has been robbed 12 times and once he was jumped and forced to empty his bank account. But Jacobs' mom  brought her son to church and he took care of the perps.

Regina doubts they will ever catch Jacobs. Suarez tells her Ava is awake.

Byrd says he's going to sue when the cops are searching. Yenko says if Byrd had anything to do with the kidnapping he will through the book at him. The cops find a camera with passport photos taken today. Regina wants to know what is going. Ava says Jacobs told her about the escape plans and eventually he convinced her. They were going to go to Morocco. She says her husband beat her a couple of times and Jacobs seemed like a changed man. Drew was asking about his father and Jacobs said he was done being a gangster and that Morocco was beautiful. She was caught up in the idea of them being a family but then he showed up at the salon talking about getting drugs from a dealer named Canada.  They find out that the buy was supposed to happen around 4 but have no other clues. The US Marshal realizes Jacobs is in a boat.

Regina intercedes in the meetup. Jacobs says where's the rest of them. He grabs Drew and says that he knows she isn't going to shoot at him. He's got his son. He lost time because she locked her up. Regina says so you want him to be on the run his whole life? A bunch of cops show up with guns and Drew starts crying don't shoot. He begs his father to let him go. Jacobs does. He is arrested.

At the ER, Regina watches Drew with his mother. Suarez tells Regina she may get a medal. Regina doesn't feel like celebrating. Suarez told her she did what she could and now it's up to Ava to raise Drew properly.

Brandy is annoyed that a cop calling can't get the elevator fixed in the projects. Bentley says the President would have to be stuck in the elevator for it to be fixed. She makes a fake call that the Deputy Mayor is stuck in the elevator and the repairman whines about it. The lady from earlier overhears Brandy yelling at the guy that everyone who lives here was important. He fixes the elevator and there is a big noise. The cops find a trove of guns in the shaft.

Yenko tells Regina everyone at the cake. She's disappointed. He takes her into the other room and there's a surprise party for her.


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East New York Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Brandy: Hey! Is that my underwear?
Woman: Serves you right.
Brandy: Excuse me?
Woman: What do you expect when you ticketed those people?
Brandy: They were being disrespectful.
Woman: No they weren't. You were.
Brandy: I'm sorry you feel that way.
Woman: You're a nuisance, using us in your little investigations, ticketing us in our own homes. No one wants you here. Move.

Girl: Oh look, here comes the cop.
Brandy: I am not a cop right now. I am a tenant and I am asking you nicely to turn down your music.