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Brandy goes to see a diner owner who called for help. The worker has a request in the notes. Brandy calls for backup.

Regina jogs through a nice looking park. She runs into her mom who has a sign saying HAVE YOU SEEN MY DAUGHTER and is mad Regina hasn't beein in touch. Regina claims she has been busy with her new job. Mother wants her to see her dad.

At the restaurant, Killian arrives. The note says there is a hostage -- please send help.

Bentley's car won't start and he says this commute is killing him. His mom wants him to stay here and doesn't like that he's a cop. He can't get an Uber. He has to take his dad's car which he doesn't want to do.

Killian is skeptical. Brandy goes undercover as a restaurant employee.

Bentley gets pulled over. The cop accuses him of stealing the car.

Brandy tries to get into the address and pushes her way in. She sees a gun.

Bentley goes up to the cop to find out what's going on. The cop says he has no proof Bentley has a right to drive the car. He says Bentley touched him and he's taking him in.

Brandy tells Regina what she saw. They look at the tape. Regina realizes the house has a bomb in it.

Sandeford confronts the cop that arrested Bentley, who insists Bentley has a bad temper and caused himself trouble. Sandeford implies the guy is racist. The guy says they're done here.

Regina and Yenko talk to the suspect's boss. Isiah is a blaster who served his country. His boss doesn't know why he's in trouble. Isiah is on LOA because of a contentious divorce. Isiah was forced to sell his house and his boss made him take time off. Regina and Yenko talk privately about how to proceed without tipping off the press.

A priest doesn't like the cops being here and are afraid they will interfere with his sanctuary. Regina says in front of him that a person on the block has a bomb.

Sandeford wants Bentley to apologize to the racist cop. Bentley won't. He's filing a complaint. Sandeford tells him cops don't rat on cops. Yee interrupts the argument. They are needed at the hostage situation.

ESU shows up at the hostage situation and says that it is their scene.

Yenko talks to the press and wastes their time but they find out ESU has taken over and run away. Yee is admiring him though.

The lawyer is being held hostage. the ex tries to cfall and argues with him. The cops take the phone away. Snipers do not have a clear shot. The perp wires the house with explosive cord and ignores his phone ringing. He finally answers and threatens to blow the house up if the cops come in.ESU claims they care about him but he doesn't believe them. Regina wants to give it a try. Chen won't let her.

Sandeford chases a guy out of the church. The priest stops him. They argue.

Suarez tells Regina to let ESU handle this. She wants to talk to the perp before they try killing him with a sniper. Suarez says 1PP wants it this way.

Suarez goes into the church where the priest is upset about the perp Sandeford chased. Suarez is upset about possibly having to kill the perp.

Regina wants to use the ex's phone to call the perp. Chen doesn't want her too. She doesn't see why not. Chen says we follow the script and if he escalates, hang up.

Regina talks to the perp, which annoys Chen because that's not what he wanted her to do. The perp says Sonia did stuff to him and he wants to kill her. Chen tries to get Regina to hang up. The perp rants that he doesn't have his kids anymore and hangs up. Chen says whatever happens is on Regina. She and Regina argue. The perp comes to the window and says Sonia will die if they shoot him.

The press is on t he scene reporting. Bentley takes away a reporter's camera. Brandy intervenes and asks Bentley what his problem. She warns him he can get jammed up.

Killian thinks the perp is committed to seeing this through. Regina doesn't think so.

Sandeford asks if Bentley is okay. Bentley says it's fine. He leaves.

Suarez tells Sandeford he doesn't think they've made progress. He suggest Sandeford show Bentley he has his back.

Chen says that he is setting up snipers. Regina calls the perp anyway and he wants to see his kids NOW. Regina tells him to move away from the window. He drags Sonia away . Regina says kids need their fathers, especially girls. She talks Isiah into surrendering.

Killian has never seen a white shirt work this hard. Chen admits he wanted everyone to get out of this alive.

Sandeford takes Bentley somewhere and tells him not to question his loyalty again. A bunch of cops have stopped the racist cop and say he is drinking. His wife thinks the cops should have courtesy to him because he's a cop.

The priest turns out to be Suarez's brother and they all have dinner together with the mother.

Bentley offers Brandy a ride. She mistakenly thinks she is hitting on him.

Regina goes for a run and runs into both her parents. She wants to know what happened to him at work. He doesn't know what to say.. She's upset after what happened with Isiah and doesn't know if she can give her father a second chance. Her mother offers her all sorts of food if she comes with them.




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East New York Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Bentley: I'm on duty. I'm running a little bit late and I forgot my badge and ID.
Cop: This car is worth at least 100 grand. Whose is it, cause I know it's not yours. You steal it?

Regina: Dad has been MIA all this time. It turns out I don't need him after all. Why do you?
Regina's mom: Cause we're married.
Regina: Someone forgot to give Dad the memo.