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Sandeford tells  Bentley all about Columbo. Also his check engine light is on. He and Bentley are called to a shooting.

Regina and Sean go for a walk with the dog. Sean flirts. Regina gets a call about a murder.

Killian and Morales arrive at the scene of a dead cop, whose wife says he seemed normal and didn't seem like he was about to kill himself. She is upset as she passes by the body. The victim retired from the 7-4. He had Nets tickets for the next night.

Sandeford's car has died and he needs a different car. Bentley asks him why cops kill themselves so often. Sandeford says financial problems and people thinking of themselves as heroes and it's a hard adjustment after they retire.

Morales and Killian talk to Remy's partner. They were close. He can't believe that REmy is gone. But Remy couldn't adjust to being a dinosaur. They were working on building management cases now. He thinks Remy couldn't accept being a dinosaur.

Yenko offers a brand new car to Sandeford and Bentley. Bentley is excited. Sandeford is not. They find a lot of trash in the back.

Regina has her doubts this is a suicide despite the fact that the gun was shot by a southpaw and Remy was left-handed.

Suarez finds Bentley and Sandeford cleaning out the car. Regina tells him she will go to Remy's memorial.

Remy was a recovered alcoholic, sober 17 years. His SO doesn't know if he was drinking and is shocked by the idea this could be murder. She says Remy got her to stop killing herself with alcohol so the idea he'd commit suicide is unbearable. He wasn't liked since he evicted people. A week ago a guy named Ricky Valesquez who had been evicted came and made a threat. He's a mechanic somewhere.

Killian goes to talk to Valasquez, who doesn't know Remy's name but he says Remy was a scumbag who evicted him. He says that Remy threw his wife's clothes on the ground and his kids' toys in the trash. He was in the Bronx at his aunt's and has been at work all day.

There is a built in GPS. Sandeford says this is like Knight Rider. Bentley doesn't know what that is. Sandeford asks for directions to the post office and says the GPS has it wrong.

Killian has got Remy's phone records. He was talking to an Antoine Jordan, a podcaster that Yenko says is radical and has positions they'd all take issue with. Regina thinks someone wanted to shut Remy up before he could be on the show.

Antoine has an attitude with Killian. He says Remy told him how cops used to beat up people of color. Killian tries to get him to come to the station.

At Remy's funeral, Suarez says crime scene evidence shows that Remy didn't kill himself. .A woman introduces herself as Walsh's daughter and says she knew Regina's father. She convinced Walsh to see a life coach but he refused to go this morning. She says her father carries the world on his back.

Walsh tells Suarez he talked to Remy every day. Remy was going downhill. Maybe he had Alzheimers. He wasn't the same after a while.

Bentley approaches Quinlan and tells her that the delegate says if they're together one will have to transfer. Yee comes along. Brandy thinks that was close. Does Bentley think they should declare a moratorium on touching.

Antoine doesn't hate all cops but doesn't like Killian and has nothing to say. Killian threatens to get a search warrant. Antoine says he's all about threats. Killian says he is for finding out who killed a cop. Antoine won't talk in this precinct.  Regins takes over. He knows she is Deputy Inspector and is surprised she listens to his show. She gets Antoine to give her the recording from Remy's show. The cops learn that Remy mentioned the murder of a drug dealer who was going to rat out some cops and had promised to name names next time he was on the show.

Morales is going through Remy's meds. She also says that Remy didn't seem to have dementia on the podcast but Antoine wanted to believe him. Killian is distracted with a broken chair.

Regina consults Sean who doesn't know anything about how to track down drugs on the down-low. Regina is shocked Sean is a vegetarian even when he's undercover. He says they aren't suspicious cause he's genuine (except he doesn't tell them he's a cop.) Regina wonders if he's genuine with her. He says she doesn't have to wonder.

Regina updates Suarez about Remy's claim that the cops killed Suarez's CI. Suarez wonders if the cops in question knew about this.

Sandeford is sure two cops trashed the new car. The two cops find the trash in their locker and are angry. Sandeford and Bentley go.

Suarez gets the case file for Yenko and Regina. He doesn't like that Stan is flipping through pages. Stan says he is a speed-reader. He finds that the car Yolo was driving when he died belonged to Walsh's girlfriend.

Regina goes to see Walsh. Walsh claims to not know anything about this.  Also he was with his daughter, going to a life coach. He got the call on the way that Remy had died and canceled the apartment. But no hard feelings. He goes. Regina asks Denise about what she said at the funeral. She asks Denise if she is lying. Denise says she's not going to answer.

Sandeford goes to see Antoine, who says he got a death threat. He has a recording. It sounds like Walsh. Sandeford tells him to go stay with friends until this is taken care of. He asks them to stay. They find Walsh in the hallway. Sandeford claims he knows him from the 114 and then frisks him. He arrests Walsh for the threat.

Brandy intercepts when they bring Walsh in. Sandeford takes Walsh upstairs. Brandy says she is getting a new partner. She doesn't want to keep their relationship secret.

Walsh is antagonistic. He claims Remy is wrong and had Alzheimers. They have video of the interview. Regina says Denise won't last long on the stand, especially if she's charged with perjury. Walsh growls and tries to throw over a table. He claims Remy was out of it and he clipped him.  He is arrested.

Bentley is all excited to drive but a guy pulls up, shoots him, and drives away.

East New York
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East New York Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

So many cop suicides, it almost feels like an occupational hazard.


Sandeford: The thing about Columbo was you saw the murder in the first five minutes, so you knew who did it.
Bentley: What was the point?
Sandeford: Seeing how Columbo figured it out.
Bentley: Was he your hero or something?
Sandeford: No. I never cared for the grey raincoat.