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While preparing for an Investors Showcase, Lucious falls ill and passes out. At the hospital, a doctor reveals that the experimental treatment Lucious has been taking is actually making his condition worse. 

As the team prepares for the showcase, Lucious insists Elle be the headliner and Jamal and Hakeem perform together. 

On the personal front, Michael breaks up with Jamal and Hakeem attempts to commit more to Camilla. 

Becky discovers Jamal's daughter Lola has been left at Empire and Lucious takes her home to stay at his house. 

At the showcase, Jamal and Hakeem put their differences aside and perform together. Afterwards, Lucious gets ready to give a speech but loses his voice. He enlists Cookie to speak in his place and she nails it. 

Later that evening, Lucious brings the family together and tells them about his ALS diagnosis. Andre flies off the handle and later has a bit of a breakdown. Hakeem and Jamal come together, as Lucious asks them to stay strong.

Lucious comforts Cookie and while the two are dancing, they share a kiss. They later take that kiss to the bedroom, where Anika catches them in bed together. 

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Empire Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jamal gonna be a daddy? Who would have thunk!


Hakeem, listen to your mother. Very wise woman.