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Lucious continues to come up with plans to get himself reinstated as CEO, while Cookie tried to help out. 

Hakeem found out about his father's threat to Anika and set out to tell him to stay away from her. 

Anika is rushed to hospital after taking a panic attack and Cookie is the one who helps her in her time of need. When Hakeem shows up at the hospital, Anika's mother is less than impressed to see him and made her reservations about him clear. 

Hakeem assured her that he would be there for Anika and the child. 

Lucious showed up at the hospital and he and Hakeem finally bonded, and it seems like they are on the road to mending their fractured relationship. 

Andre decides to go public about his condition and Lucious supports it because it will make the board members like him more. 

In the end, the board agrees that both of them should run Empire.

Harper continued to pursue Lucious, but Cookie kept popping up and halting their chemistry from getting past first base. 

Lucious sleeps with Harper, but wises up to her antics before it's too late and sends her packing. 

She tried to cause trouble, but he and Cookie got her thrown out.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Umm, our company.


Hey, are you trying to save the company, or are you trying to catch and STD?