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Cookie and company hold a massive Free Lucious rally three months after Lucious's arrest, that attracts a ton of fans. Cookie invites investor Mimi Whiteman to the rally in hopes that she will invest the $250 million needed for Cookie to take over Empire from Lucious.

In prison, Lucious talks with Cookie's cousin Jemele, who informs him that Frank Gathers is headed to their prison. Lucious meets up with Frank and the two have a courteous exchange.

Jamal is overwhelmed with his responsibilities as the new head of Empire and when he goes to visit his father, it's clear that Lucious is basically running Empire through Jamal.

Frank meets with Jemele and accuses him of killing his boy Teddy McNally. Later, Jemele calls Cookie and warns her that she may be in danger. He also goes to Lucious and asks for protection, but Lucious isn't interested. 

Cookie brings Mimi to a party at Hakeem's house, to persuade her once more to invest in Empire. Mimi takes a liking to Anika at the party and Cookie hopes she can persuade her. 

Jamal is hoping to reconcile with Michael, who is looking to give him an award at an LGBT ceremony. Unfortunately, after meeting some of the other people who would be in attendance, Jamal decides to cancel his appearance. 

After visiting with the DA who is looking to bring him down, Lucious hears Frank's daughter rapping in the visitor's hall and is impressed. 

After Mimi buys the controlling interest in Empire, Cookie and company think they have finally taken over Empire but it is soon revealed that Lucious met with Mimi and he offered her a better deal. 

When Jemele reveals that Cookie is the one who snitched on Frank, he kills Jemele and sends his severed head to Cookie. She gathers up the family to meet at Lucious's house, while she goes to see Lucious. She asks him to protect their family from Frank. 

Lucious meets with Frank who tells him that his beef is with Cookie, not him. Lucious tells him that if he has beef with Cookie, then he has beef with him. Franks asks some fellow inmates to kill Lucious, but he's surprised to learn that Lucious has turned them against Frank. Lucious leaves as the men beat on Frank and he cries out in pain. 

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Empire Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Jamal: You need to go visit that man.
Cookie: Did ya'll bother to tell him that when I was rotting away?

Jamal: Bill Clinton is out there.
Cookie: Yeah, he needs to be if he wants his wife to get elected.