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As Cookie, Hakeem and Andre officially move out of Empire, the trio decides to start their own company. Cookie looks to secure Tiana, while Hakeem hopes to form an all girl group. Hakeem brings Anika into the fold, much to Cookie's disdain. 

Meanwhile in prison, Lucious is at the infirmary but a paperwork error leaves him without his medication. 

Jamal gives an interview at his apartment, which Cookie interrupts. She asks Jamal to give Hakeem his album back and she tells him of their plans to start a company.

Lucious and his friends are rapping out in the courtyard, when Lucious begins coughing uncontrollably. One of the prison guards then proceeds to give the group a hard time. Lucious meets with the guard later and he tells him that he should think about cooperating with the prosecutor if he wants to get his medication. 

Hakeem holds the tryouts for his girl group and meets one singer that he really likes. He also asks Tiana if she would want to join the group but she declines. 

Jamal visits Lucious and tells him he's thinking about giving Hakeem his album back. Lucious says no. While at the visit, Lucious meets a lawyer named Thirsty. 

Jamal then goes to Hakeem and tells him to come back to Empire, while Rhonda goes to Jamal and asks him to bring Andre back to Empire. 

A guard gives Lucious his medication, compliments of Thirsty and takes him to a closet that has turned into a makeshift recording studio with his friends in prison. The session is broken up by the guards and the music stolen. Thirsty later hires men to beat up the guards and they retrieve the music. 

Andre goes to Lucious and asks for forgiveness, but Lucious tells him he doesn't forgive him. 

Hakeem decides against rejoining Empire and tells Jamal that their new company, Dynasty, will crush Empire.

In Lucious's bail hearing, Thirsty blackmails the judge with incriminating photos and Lucious is set free on bail.


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Empire Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Oh and Jamal, one last thing, I wanted to tell you first before you hear it out here in these streets. Me, Andre and Hakeem, we're starting our own company.


Cookie: I need you to give Hakeem his album back.
Jamal: Why would I do that?
Cookie: Jamal you already won. You run the Empire. All Hakeem's got is his music.