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Cookie speaks up on behalf of Angelo at a rally in Queens when the crowds question his street cred. She announces that they'll be holding the big Captain's Ball rally in the streets and changing its name to the People's Ball. 

Jamal rehearses for his performance at the ball. Lucious threatens to punish him if he sings any of his revealing songs about the family. Lucious asks Cookie to reconsider having Jamal perform. 

Tariq watches the video of Nessa and Freda onstage together at the memorial service. Based on Freda's verses, he deduces that Lucious killed her father. He arranges to have Empire's assets frozen. 

Lucious meets up with Diana on a Ferris wheel. Diana asks Lucious to persuade a reporter to not publish a damaging story; in return, she'll help end Cookie and Angelo's relationship. 

Anita gives Lucious an ultimatum: It's either her and Bella or Leah. Cookies asks Jamal if he's ready to perform. When he claims to be off his pills, she demands he give them all to her so she can wash them down the sink.

Lucious talks to the reporter as Diana requested and demands he not publish his story. He reports to Diana that he has succeeded and asks her to uphold her part of the bargain. However, Diana changes her mind because Angelo's poll numbers have spiked thanks to Cookie.

Andre confesses to Nessa that he has bipolar disorder. Nessa tells him she won't take care of him the way Rhonda did, because she wants him to learn to take care of himself. Rhonda appears before Andre and claims Nessa is trying to take him away from her.

Lucious tells Cookie about their assets being frozen. Lucious and Thirsty go to the FBI to face off with Tariq. Lucious reveals to the other agents that Tariq is his half-brother and gives him their father's police badge as a token. 

At the People's Ball, Cookie is anxious because she can't find Jamal. She goes to his apartment and find him sick and in withdrawal. Jamal begs for his pills so he can perform, and Cookie opens up the pipes in the kitchen sink to retrieve the pills for him. 

Tiana and Hakeem perform at the People's Ball and end up kissing onstage. Shine asks Lucious why there's no money around and offers to provide the cash Empire needs in exchange for a stake in Empire. Thirsty tells Lucious that if he doesn't accept Shine's offer, they'll probably lose Empire Extreme. 

Andre sits on the beach talking to dead Rhonda. Rhonda encourages him to make Nessa a big star so that he can have all of the power at Empire. She also makes him promise to get revenge on Anika. 

Jamal shows up for his performance at the People's Ball and brings the house down. Tariq confronts Shine about floating Lucious money to keep Empire alive after providing Tariq with the evidence that led him to freeze the assets in the first place.  

As soon as Jamal gets offstage, the family comes together and tells him he needs to go to rehab. Lucious ruins Angelo's successful fundraiser by bringing the reporter, who confronts Angelo on camera about a DUI from his youth that resulted in the death of a girl.

Andre confronts Shine about setting Empire up for the asset freeze. He tells Shine that they can work together until it is time to kill Lucious. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Well, I didn't do too bad with that Free Lucious concert that helped free your janky ass.

Cookie [to Lucious]

Lucious: Don't you ever try to read me.
Diana: I would never. I read books, not graffiti