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Lucious launches his new music project, Inferno. Cookie is furious that he decided to launch it without telling her and while Jamal was still in rehab. 

Andre and Lucious decide to give Nessa a solo performance at the music showcase despite Hakeem's insistence that they give the spot to Tiana, who has an album dropping first. Becky and Xavier butt heads. 

Cookie confides in Angelo as she prepares to visit Jamal in rehab. Cookie, Andre and Hakeem meet musician Tory Ash while waiting for Jamal. Everyone is surprised when Lucious shows up to join them. Jamal tells the family he needs to go home and get into the studio. 

Someone passes Thirsty a napkin with Frank Gathers' name on it. Thirsty asks if anyone can connect Lucious to Gathers' death and Lucious mentions Bam Bam. Andre meets up with Shyne to discuss killing Lucious. 

Lucious holds a press conference to endorse John Meeks, Angelo's rival in the mayoral race. He also offers a reward for anyone who has evidence that can get Angelo convicted. 

Jamal works on a new song with Tory while in rehab. Nessa performs at the showcase, but her performance is interrupted by Tiana and Hakeem. As Nessa and Tiana fight, Cookie gets a call that Jamal has escaped rehab. 

Cookie and Lucious confront D-Major about enabling Jamal's addiction. Thirsty, Becky and Leah pick up Bam Bam's mother from her nursing home. Cookie and Lucious track down Jamal and Tory recording together. 

Lucious confronts Bam Bam while Thirsty holds his mother hostage. Becky complains to Thirsty about Xavier. 

Tariq is put on paid leave after filing to disclose that Lucious was his half-brother. Someone comes forward to claim that Angelo was not at the scene of the drowning.

Jamal tells Cookie he's off the pills. Lucious fires Xavier after Thirsty set him up. However, Becky and Cookie are both furious when Lucious appoints Anika the new head of A&R. 

To punish Lucious, Cookie takes a baseball bat to his gold records and his piano. They start kissing passionately, but Cookies stops and insists she's done. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Lucious did all of that, just for you. That's a twisted kind of love, man.

Jamal [to Cookie]

I did seventeen years for this family. You built this company on my back. And you're just going to give it to that bitch?

Cookie [to Lucious]