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The episode picks up right where the season two finale left us. Anika and Rhonda are fighting on the roof and one falls off were left to wonder all summer who lives and who dies.

The season premiere didn't keep us waiting too long as we learn that Rhonda was the one who falls off the roof. As Andre and Anika are fighting on the roof her water breaks and she is rushed to the hospital. 

Anika goes into labor and as she is delivering her baby Lucious makes a threat to her.

Anika lied to lucious when she said that the baby was a boy when she actually gave birth to a baby girl. 

Shine blackmails Lucious into getting his niece Nessa a record deal. 

Jamal panics on stage as he is about to start singing. He thinks back on Freda shooting him and runs off. 

Tariq goes to Lucious house for dinner on a mission and that is to take him down once and for all. 

Andre is going off the deep end after losing Rhonda that he starts to see her. He keeps repeating "Andre messed up" as he continues to cry on the sofa. 

Lucious is in the nursery holding his granddaughter as he is talking to her. 

Tariq installs a camera in a teddy bear to spy on Lucious, unknown to him. 

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This is our legacy on the line.


Y'all think you smelling blood in the water but y'all better check ya panties.