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Cookie tells Candace what happened between her and Lucious and reminisces about losing her virginity to him. Candace urges her to forget about Lucious.

Hakeem, Tiana and Becky audition dancers for Tiana's next video. Hakeem wants Tiana to get to know Bella, but Tiana is wary. Jamal and Tory head into the studio. 

Cookie tells Lucious not to tell anyone what happened between them. Anika wants to meet with Becky to go over Empire's latest projects. Becky tries to blow her off, but Anika tells her she has faith in her, and the two end up hugging.

Cookie drops in on Jamal and Tory in the studio and warns them not to tell Lucious about their music. Leah goes to Tariq and asks for his help getting rid of Anika.

Tory and Jamal record. Tariq threatens Anika. Lucious sneaks into the studio and listens to Tory and Jamal's song before sitting down at the piano himself. 

Jamal, Tory and Cookie are shocked to find Lucious, Nessa and Veronica recording in the studio that Jamal has reserved. Cookie remembers telling Lucious about the first time she was pregnant. Lucious compliments Tory. 

Shyne confronts Andre about his bipolar disorder. Andre says they need to keep Lucious alive long enough to put together a Las Vegas deal with one of Shyne's connections. 

Anika passes Bella off to Hakeem and leaves. After suspicious-looking people show up at Empire, Cookie calls Angelo. Angelo wants to confront Lucious.

Jamal tells D-Major he's having Tory produce his new album instead of him. Tiana is annoyed when Hakeem shows up at rehearsal with Bella, but eventually she warms up to the baby. Angelo threatens Lucious. Anika gets in a car to see Tariq.

Lucious brings Jamal to hear his latest song being performed, but Jamal feels betrayed when he sees Tory onstage playing it. 

Jamal and Philip hook up. Angelo and Cookie have dinner with Candace, who wants the two of them to get married. Cookie remembers her shotgun wedding to Lucious. 

Shyne takes Andre to meet his Las Vegas contact. However, the contact's put-upon wife shoots him in front of them. After one of his cronies tries to shoot her, Shyne shoots him dead. The wife tells Andre and Shyne she's still available to do business with them. 

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Empire Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Your future will not be ruined again by the likes of that damn Lucifer Lyon.

Candace [to Cookie]

Cookie: We were fighting. Bad.
Candace: Not bad enough. You didn't kill him.