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Cookie turns to Thirsty when she realizes that Nurse Claudia was the one who took Lucious. After some digging, they find her therapist and she tells them she tried to pull a similar trick with another man. 

Cookie goes to the outskirts of New York to try and find out more information and she finds Lucious with Claudia. Lucious is forced to say that he is Dwight and he wants to be away from the city. 

But Cookie realizes he was trying to send her a message, and Cookie returned in the dead of night. Claudia kidnapped her, but Cookie told Claudia everything about Lucious being a killer. 

The duo overpower Claudia and Cookie pleads with Lucious to kill her, but he lets her get away with it. She is arrested. 

Jamal struggles to cope with the news that he killed Angelo, but joins forces with his brothers when he realizes they need him more than ever. 

Becky learns she's pregnant and opens up to Porsha about it. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Lucious: Do you know who I am? Do you know what I’m going to do to you? Do you know what type of pain I’m going to bring on you?
Claudia: We’ll discuss this when you’ve had a little more rest. [Claudia shoots Lucious with tranquillizer and walks over to him]. I know exactly who you are and what I’m doing to you.

Take it easy. You still have a little of the sedative in your system.