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The Lyons realized it was do or die time to take down the Dubois family, and Jamal was shocked by Warren stopping by to say he knew what to do to take them down. 

Cookie and Lucious caught up with Angelo and made him sign an affidavit that said the family was to blame for everything. Angelo then took them to the party, and they hacked all of the systems. 

Cookie outed everything the Dubois family has done, and Diana was arrested. 

Angelo headed over to kill Warren but Jamal intervened and a scuffle ensued. Jamal shot Angelo dead in cold blood. 

Cookie said it was time for her and Lucious to sort things out, and they agreed to live apart for the first part of their relationship. 

Lucious was kidnapped by Claudia right after Andre revealed the truth to him about the night of the bombing. 

Cookie woke up and wondered where Lucious disappeared to and whether he was really back. 

Eddie's wife, Giselle showed up to tell him they were broke and he said he would sort it because he was in good with Empire. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

It is time for us to differentiate and distinguish ourselves, so that people know who WE are.


Thirsty: You ready for me, Cooks?
Cookie: Right on time.
Thirsty: Oh, it's a family affair.