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The family assembled at court and Angelo continued to try and make them look bad. Hakeem decided to defend himself after Tiana was destroyed on the stand, and he did so with ease. 

He let everyone know that Anika did not know Bella and tried to warn them off voting for her to keep the kid. Diana showed up when the Lyons got the upper hand and revealed a video that showed Hakeem calling the family out on their issues. 

This put him at odds with the whole family, and the judge decided to give Anika the kid. 

Lucious and Cookie decided to join forces in order to get rid of Anika once and for all. 

Becky was shocked by the arrival of her ex-boyfriend. He wanted her back, but struggled to get on board with Becky being the head of a and r. 

She told her ex-boyfriend that were keeping it professional. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

They don't have enough soap in here for your dirty ass.


I should have dropped your ass when you snitched on me to Cookie.