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Cookie was shocked to learn that the staff was going on strike because of the way Eddie was working everyone, so she turned to Porsha for help. 

Porsha sided with Calvin and let the strike go ahead. Cookie felt betrayed, but it made her realize there must be something wrong. 

In the end, she managed to get everyone back on board with the company by telling them a story about when she was in prison and how she made an enemy a family member. 

Jamal was shocked when Warren suggested they had a threesome, and eventually gave in. However, when a man appeared at the apartment, Jamal wanted him gone because he was not comfortable. 

The Lyons got ready to attend a meeting for Bella, but were shocked to find Warren and Diana there because Anika was working with them. 

Jamal attacked Warren after learning that he was trying to get pictures of him in a compromising position. 

Andre was shocked to learn that Pamela was in a gun fight and even more shocked when she asked him to tell her stories about his past. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Thirsty: I wouldn't do that if I was you.
Hakeem: What are you doing here?
Thirsty: Stopping you from doing something stupid.

Listen to me, I need you to know that this is real. That I love you.