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Cookie met up with Chyna, a woman she was friends with in prison. They chatted about the horrible things that happened to them while in the inside, and Chyna revealed Poundcake was dying. 

Cookie went to visit her and learned that she still hadn't laid eyes on her daughter. Cookie turned up at Bo's home and told Bo's wife about him raping women in the prison. 

Bo told Cookie that the baby was adopted out and that she could find her if she looked hard enough. 

Andre told Lucious the truth about Eddie and said that the man was trying to use all of the small countries to by Empire stock so when Kelly bought the firm, he would make a big sum of money from it.

Jamal had an image issue, but refused to fix it, so Tory helped him release a song in a way that would allow it to go viral: without being attached to an artist. 

Also, Jamal got closer to Blake, a new rapper brought into the company, but it became apparent that Blake wanted to try and get close to Jamal to get power in his career. 

Cookie told Lucious that she no longer wanted to fight and said they needed to get it together or stay apart. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Lucious: Woo, that's amazing form you've got there, as always.
Celeste: Lucious Lyon, wow. Please tell me why I pay exorbitant dues to this club when they let thugs stroll right in here?

Hakeem: What's up?
Tiana: Look, I know you're going through a lot, but every time you come in, I can't keep getting sidetracked when you need a shoulder to cry on. I'm sorry.