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Lucious sets out to change things with Kingsley, but his son is still speaking to the FBI. 

Lucious realizes Kingsley is wearing a wire, and ultimately decides that his son should try to patch things up with him.

Lucious visits Tracy who is less than enthusiastic about the father and son playing nice.

Tracy gets into her hospital bed, claims Lucious was rude to her and that she and him used to get hooked on drugs together.

Kingsley ultimately picked Lucious and asked that he could come to a dinner party.

Cookie was rude to him, but said that he could stay because it was a day of celebration.

Jamal and Kai had decided to get married after getting back together, while Andre's condition was getting better.

He was one treatment away from potentially being in remission from the cancer.

Kingsley told the FBI agent he was not going to work for her, so she said she would take the entire Lyon family down, including him.

In the end, the Trust Tour was canceled after it was claimed Lucious was using the equipment to siphon drugs through the whole thing.

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Empire Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Cookie: We might lose Andre, Lucious.
Lucious: No, don't you say that, Cookie.

This is a recording device, you're going to have the satisfaction of knowing you're the one who took down Lucious Lyon.

FBI Agent