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Cookie and Lucious argued in the hospital as Andre flatlined. 

The doctor said Andre was dead, but Lucious ordered him to try again and it saved Andre's life. 

When Andre came around, Cookie wants answers. He tells her everything about his heart. 

This also helps Cookie understand what Lucious did ... even though she doesn't agree with it. 

Andre needs a heart and fast. Lucious hangs out with Kingsley but can't stop talking about Andre. 

Tracy then tells Kingsley he will never mean anything to the Lyons and Kingsley winds up taking a gun to kill Lucious. 

In a wild moment, he shoots himself. 

Lucious then tries to get the heart for Andre, but Tracy shuts it down. She ultimately agrees to give the heart ... for a price. 

Andre pulls through and gets married. 

Lucious is cornered by Marie Conway, leading to an epic confrontation. She tells Lucious about Cookie getting close to Damon. 

Lucious then goes on the offensive to kill him, but Damon makes an alliance with Marie to give her $20 million for a political campaign. 

Knowing the net is closing in, Lucious flees New York, but Cookie refuses to leave with him. 

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Empire Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Becky: Yeah, just Tiana can open and then throw it to Devon.
Giselle: Yeah, that works.
Becky: Also, I know we're in crisis right now, but I just want to be honest with you about something.
Giselle: Go ahead.
Becky: OK, so Def Jam offered me a job.
Giselle: Ew.
Becky: And unless the Empire fans come back, I'm gonna be forced to take it.
Giselle: And walk away from all this Black Girl Magic?

Lord knows, I want to be so mad, but I am too happy that you're alive. So, you were really trying to say goodbye to me at the roller skating rink, Andre? I wish you would have told me what was going on.